Anastasia Truth: Open Letter to Andrew Selous, MP: Questions on Brexit

Guest writers are invited to use Houghton Regis News Desk as a platform for discussion of local concerns.

Today's guest writer prefers the public pen name Anastasia Truth. It is an open letter to Andrew Selous, MP, who will know her true identity.

Dear Andrew Selous

So let me get this right, to date, industries either moving, considering moving, reducing capacity, or shutting up shop due to Brexit uncertainty and rising costs due to the weak £, now stands at;

* Airlines.
* Car factories. At risk 2.7 million workers
* Financial services. 2.19 million workers
* Component factories in aerospace and car tech.
* Games tech companies, 40% of which are considering moving to the EU.
* Restaurants & hotels - Jamie’s, Prezzo, Strada, Chimichanga, as people start to tighten their belts, middle range eateries suffer. 4.49 million workers in hospitality.
* Retailers (ToysRUs, Maplin, gone already, New Look, House of Fraser, Debenhams, Homebase, M&S, restructuring) with many others showing significant drops in profit or issuing profit warnings, not too mention struggling independents, all struggling to cope with the falling £. 2.6 million workers in retail.
* 46% Of EU companies with a UK base will be reducing UK capacity. 15% will remove all operations to the EU, 28% will move a “significant” proportion, & 29% will move smaller parts of their operation.

That’s a total of over 12 millions workers in these industries.

Then there’s the other rubbish that comes with leaving the EU:

* Good Friday agreement in danger
* Reintroduction of roaming charges
* Geoblocking - we wont get it!
* More expensive food, due to weak £ and import costs.
* Increased cost of fuels, gas, electric & petrol plus possible supply    issues.
* Less money for services eg. NHS, local councils, schools etc.
* Leaving Euratom
* Loss of Euroclear
* Brain drain of EU staff from Universities and British staff seeking better opportunities elsewhere.
* Loss of EU staff in NHS leaving some areas critically understaffed
* Loss of EU staff from hospitality industry, hotels & restaurants all struggling to recruit.
* Food rotting in fields due to lack of migrant workers.
* Stagnating economy, with prolonged recession looming.
* Fisheries losing their biggest market (EU) which may cause the collapse of the industry in some areas, (Grimsby being one), due to being uncompetitive if there is no free trade agreement.
* Reduced opportunities for our school and uni leavers.
* Removal of farming subsidies.
* Loss of regeneration cash to ex heavy industry or poor communities ( eg. North East, Wales, Cornwall).
* Gibraltar- that’s got to pop over the parapet soon!
* Food shortages, 1/3 of U.K. food is imported.
* End of Erasmus scheme.
*Loss of “Open Skies” agreement.
*Relaxation of workers rights, re hours, pregnancy, minimum wage, etc. Making it easier to fire people.
* Loss of trading opportunity ( has anyone actually checked out the WTO rules )!
* Becoming “little Britain”, we are a service nation, not a manufacturing one, Shipping, steel and mining are never coming back.
* Potential  break up of Great Britain, starting with Scotland.
* EHIC card and the right to reciprocal healthcare in the union.
* Relaxation of health and safety rules following exit to the detriment of workers and the general public.
* Exit from the ECtHR. European courts of human rights
* Exit from CFREU - charter of fundamental rights of European Union. Which protects our rights to equality, non discrimination and human rights under EU law.
* European medical agency moved to Amsterdam (underway already)
* European banking authority (move to Paris, underway already)
* Loss of funding for cancer research and other critical medical research projects
* Loss of reciprocal cross country research into illnesses, and treatment.
* Loss of research grants across all areas, resulting in further brain drain.
* Loss of access for critical  cancer drugs
* Lack of clarity as to rights of EU nationals domiciled in the U.K.
* 2.2 million UK expats living in the union (either full or part time) may lose rights to uk pensions & reciprocal healthcare, resulting in them having to return to the U.K. adding additional strain on the NHS and council services.
* Uk border controls revert to Dover from Calais.
* Leaving the ECJ which poses significant risks to our security.
* Loss of freedom of movement within the EU, possible reintroduction of costly visa’s.
* Impact on Sports, Art & Culture, due to freedom of movement restraints, costs of importing / exporting equipment and livestock.
* UK driving licence no longer valid in EU & loss of green card insurance scheme.
* Leaving the single market.
* Leaving the customs union.
* Joint action on climate change.
* Animal welfare and sentience laws.
* Wildlife safeguards & habitat protection.
* Harmonisation in industrial standards & CE standards.
* Food safety and consumer protection (chlorinated chicken anyone?)
* Risk of NHS being “sold off” in a US trade deal.

When will someone in power; frankly anyone, have the backbone to stand up and say; this is all ridiculous and horrendous!?

It’s going to hurt us immeasurably, it will take us generations to recover, probably only by re entering the EU, but with no power of veto as we now have.

And we are doing this why? To regain a Sovereignty we never actually lost, and to control our borders, that we already had control of, (just didn’t make use of the laws open to us)!

The country really has gone totally insane!

I await your comments.

Yours sincerely

Anastia Truth