Anastacia Truth - A Question On Windrush Nationals

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Today An Open letter from pen-name Anastasia Truth to Andrew Selous, MP. Andrew will know her true identity.

Dear Andrew Selous

As a member of your constituency, I am writing to you about the ongoing plight of Commonwealth or “Windrush” nationals which has drawn stark attention to the Government’s cruel “hostile environment” policy.

The policy, which bars migrants from accessing vital services including NHS treatment, banking and employment, is having a devastating impact on the lives of migrants and BME communities living in the UK. What’s more, the policy places responsibility for border enforcement on doctors, nurses, teachers and employers. All without evidence that the policy is working.

The Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration recently highlighted the Home Office’s failure to properly monitor and evaluate the scheme, but his recommendations were ignored. JCWI’s “dossier of failure” also documents the Home Office’s failure to heed multiple warnings about the impact of the ‘hostile environment’.

Please stand up for the rights of migrants who have fallen foul of the Government’s “hostile environment” policy by attending the debate taking place in Westminster Hall on 30th April between 4.00pm and 7.00pm. The debate follows the successful Parliamentary petition which passed the 100,000 mark, showing the strength of support from the general public.

I also ask that you add your name to EDM 1182, tabled by Caroline Lucas MP, which calls for an Independent Commission to review Home Office policies and practice in light of the “Windrush” scandal.

If you are attending, please contact and let JCWI know that you will be standing up for migrants.

I look forward to your response.

Yours sincerely

Anastasia Truth