Houghton Hall By-Election Set For 3rd May 2018

Houghton Regis Town Council has a vacancy for a councillor in Houghton Hall ward. An election has been called and this will be contested on 3rd May 2018.

The cost to the Town Council if they choose to promote the election would be the issue of polling cards at approximately £1900.  Councillors will deliberate over that at their meeting on Monday 26th March.

An official notice of poll is not anticipated until next week.

Total costs of the by-election such as hiring and staffing the polling stations, count staff, delivery and collection of polling booths, issue and the opening of postal votes, printing and delivery of poll cards, postage, ballot box stationery are put are £2,000 per polling station, all paid for through Central Bedfordshire Council funding. Houghton Hall normally has five polling stations. (estimated figures supplied by Returning Officer, CBC).

As well as the usual opportunity for public questions and public filming of meetings from 7.30pm, on the 26th March the Town Council will be considering a report on new Data Protection Act.

Tithe Farm Primary School has submitted a petition to the Council for support to re-open the existing derelict outdoor pool.