HRN1 2018 New Site Wide Master Plan Exhibition Opens

A three-day exhibition of plans for HRN1 opened to the public today, at the library concourse, Bedford Square, Houghton Regis.

The plans include up to 5,150 homes, employment on  130,500 m², retail space of  30,000 m², leisure space of 45,000 m² and open space of at least 78 hectares (192 acres).

The consortium behind the scheme: Houghton Regis Development Consortium, Lands Improvement, Aviva, Diocese of St Albans.

The exhibition times are:
Thursday 22nd February 2pm until 8pm
Friday 23rd February 2pm until 8pm
Saturday 24th February 10am until 4pm

A  Site-Wide Masterplan and accompanying Design Code, are on display and these aim to provide overall guidance to the development. The masterplan includes scattered parks as well as housing estates, right up to the edge of Tithe Farm Recreation Ground.

Key footpath routes north-south on current open fields will be retained as cycling/walking routes.

Some feedback to the plans was received on 25th January when local Councillors and Stakeholders attended Design Workshops in the Houghton Regis Baptist Church on the Site Wide Design Code for HRN1. Roundtable discussions took place on green and blue infrastructure, streets and public spaces, character and architecture, social cohesion and community facilities.

Concerns have already emerged that a new road running east-west through the development might become a rat-run, but this fear is countered by the design team who say, "Ultimately, we cannot prevent people from making a choice to use the Main Street to travel east to west (or vice versa), but the journey time through the site will be considerably longer than that along the A5-M1 Link – therefore making the A5-M1 Link a more logical choice for this journey if not living within the HRN1 site."

Included are a new gateway to Houghton Regis, a new local centre next to a new Bidwell Park, a Wildlife corridor to screen new homes from the A5 and incorporate local play areas, community gardens, pedestrian and cycle routes, a new major park between the M1 and the Woodside Link near Leagrave.

To find out more, please visit the exhibition in Houghton Regis town Centre or go to

Feedback is encouraged. 

Send a Stamped Address Envelope to: HRN1 Consultation, 3rd Floor, 3-5 Barrett Street, London, W1U 1AY.
Or complete the feedback form at online.