Robin Hines — Honorary Freeman of Houghton Regis

Robin Hines was made the first Honorary Freeman of Houghton Regis during a special presentation on Thursday 23rd November at the town's council offices. Over 25 people attended the awards presentation at which many personal and notable commendations were made to Mr Hines for his tireless work within the community.

Mr Hines has served as a Liberal Democrat councillor for many years and is proud of the fact that he was born and bred in Houghton Regis, and that his family has a long history in the town.

A former civil engineer with the Royal Navy, he is now retired though has felt in recent years like he has worked harder since than when employed.

The Liberal Democrat councillor from Bidwell Hill has lived through the creation of Tithe Farm and Parkside estates.

The award was made to Mr Hines as the council considered that he had served his community for many years in many ways, from officially serving as a councillor to informally helping his neighbours.

Mr Hines first joined the Town Council in 1995 and served for four years. He then came back on to the Council in 2007 and has served ever since. He was elected as Town Mayor in May 2010 and he raised over £3,000 for Keech Hospice, Hospice at Home Volunteers and Help for Heroes.

Mr Hines was thanked by the Town Mayor on behalf of the Town Council and the community at large for the highly valued and significant contribution made to the town of Houghton Regis and was presented with a framed scroll in recognition of the award.

Houghton Regis Town Council approved a Policy to create Honorary Freeman and Freewoman on the on 9th October 2017 which is in line with their objective 'To raise the towns profile'.

The honour is bestowed in accordance with the Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Act 2009 which states that "a relevant authority may admit to be honorary freemen or honorary freewomen of the place or area for which it is the authority—
(a)persons of distinction, and
(b)persons who have, in the opinion of the authority, rendered eminent services to that place or area."

Robin pictured preparing for the 2014 Pancake Race in Houghton Regis

Robin - pictured [inset] as part of the Liberal Democrat team for Houghton Regis in 2011.