Kingsland Defender Threatened By Aviva

Roger G Giugno of Osborne House, Sundon Road, Houghton Regis has made public the correspondence between himself and lawyers for Aviva.

A letter emailed to him was posted to on the public Facebook Group known as 'Stop The Destruction of The Kingsland Wildlife Site' which he administers. The letter dated 27 November 2017 from lawyers acting for Aviva Life & Pensions UK Limited makes several requests of him to be complied with as early as 4pm on Thursday 30th November 2017, and suggests he should seek independent legal advice.

In reference to land adjoining his property, and not to the land unofficially named 'Kingsland Wildlife Site', Mr Giugno is asked to give an undertaking not enter their land, damage their land, encourage others to enter their land, not to engage in conduct causing or likely to cause harassment, not to use or threaten to use violence towards an employee, nor to publicise any event on the land. If Mr Guigno fails to give the undertaking the lawyer for Aviva writes that 'If you fail to do so, our client will have no choice but to issue proceedings against you in the High Court seeking an injunction restraining you from committing further unlawful acts on the Land." They suggest that the costs so far would be around £25,000.

Mr Giugno has countered the request outlining his grievances with the landowners, and making a request of his own: 'I will accept all the undertakings in you[r] letter, bar limited access to maintain my borders, if HRDC and your clients undertake to pay to the community of Houghton Regis £1m (ONE MILLION POUNDS STERLING) if after 1.3.2018 any traveller incursions are permitted/allowed/not prevented upon HRDC controlled lands'.

In countering the Aviva request, Mr Giugno suggests meditation and writes at length saying, among other things, "I will not be confirming any undertaking of your demands whatsoever given the timescales to agree are onerous and your demands somewhat unreasonable ..." "Never once have I or members of my family spoken out against the HRN1 development... " "Your clients did leave a gap or two open that facilitated the depositing of 200ton of waste from North London with no attempt to stop the waste being deposited yet cause a huge public outcry, national media attention and considerable cost to me in damages to machinery and equipment having to assist the local fire services along with continual costs involved in keeping our borders and Kingsland borders secure because HRDC basically couldn't give a toss whether travellers are on their lands or not..." "Come on HRDC are you really that stupid with all your billions of £££ that you go and commission a field to be cut that facilitates further incursion by the travellers that you are supposedly so against? ..."


RG's main thrust is to protect 'Kingsland wildlife' site.  That's an unofficial name for a self-grown scrubby woodland which borders his own property to the west. The land Aviva is concerned about is to the north and east of Mr Guigno's land which is hemmed in by threatened and planned developments. In the months leading up to this exchange of letters, his attention has re-focussed to this side of his property where 200 tonnes of rubbish was illegally fly-tipped in September and traveller incursions have been occurring. A banger racing event was held on land to the north-west of RG's property on 4th November against the wishes of HRDC.

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UPDATE:  An update to this was posted to "STOP" Facebook Page on 3rd December. This extended the request to Mr Guigno to 5pm on 4th December.