Top Ten Posts for Houghton Regis News Desk in October

The Top Ten Stories on Our Facebook Page for October 2017

  1. Have you ever been caught speeding in Drovers Way 20mph zone? A complaint about signs has not been upheld by Central Bedfordshire Council. A member of the public is now taking the matter up with the Local Government Ombudsman. 7628 speeding tickets were issued in Dunstable July 2016 to July 2017 exceeding 20MPH . Posted on 29/09/2017. Served to 23819 unique users. Facebook Link

  2. Andrew Selous, MP, spoke in the Gypsies and Travellers and Local Communities Government Policy on the Proceedings of the House – in the House of Commons at 6:29 pm on 9th October 2017. He told the House, "We need an up-to-date Land Registry. We need the Gypsy and Traveller accommodation assessment to require people to answer questions in interviews. If they can avoid answering the council officer’s questions about whether they are Travellers, the system simply does not work. We need immediate court access for local authorities. The planning policy guidance on Traveller sites from the Department should include a requirement for licensing, which would give local authorities proper power. I want the ability to impound vehicles involved in fly-tipping or other criminal activity, regardless of ownership. I also want checks on the wealth of Travellers, some of whom are enormously wealthy. Why should the taxpayer have to provide pitches for them?" Read Andrew Selous in full at ... Read in context at ... Watch video: Picture by Alan Winter, from video made near Houghton Regis on 9/9/2017 Posted on 10/10/2017. Served to 14849 unique users. Facebook Link

  3. Road closure Name: High Street Location: at High Street Service Road, Houghton Regis, Central Bedfordshire (High Street) 09 October — 13 October / 9.00 — 15:30 Posted on 08/10/2017. Served to 13727 unique users. Facebook Link

  4. Tebworth — Queen's Head sold at Auction, Villagers outbid. Posted on 30/09/2017. Served to 13656 unique users. Facebook Link

  5. CCTV incidents in Houghton Regis between April and June this year were presented in a report to the Town Partnership Committee on Tuesday evening. The report states, "The CCTV control room continues to monitor problems with street drinkers in the Bedford Square area in Houghton Regis in close liaison with the police. CBC is progressing with its project to start the upgrade of public space CCTV in Central Bedfordshire" *This report contains data gathered by Central Beds Council’s CCTV Control Room. It does not include details of the police response to any particular incident where an arrest is not made, nor does it include incidents not captured by CCTV; for this reason, the data will not reflect the overall picture of crime and disorder in any area. Personal data is excluded to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998. Posted on 11/10/2017. Served to 12811 unique users. Facebook Link

  6. Fly-tippers caught in the act by CCTV Two fly tippers have been fined over £2,600 after both were caught on Central Bedfordshire Council's Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras. Posted on 09/10/2017. Served to 11771 unique users. Facebook Link

  7. Do you work in, shop in, or otherwise visit Hemel Hempstead town centre? It could soon be free of alcohol drinking, spitting, urinating and defecating in a public place. Sleeping in a public place could be banned, as could sitting in a manner that makes it look as if someone is begging. Cycling and skateboarding could be banned, as could feeding the birds and wildfowl. Survey closes 13 October 2017. Posted on 04/10/2017. Served to 11084 unique users. Facebook Link

  8. Houghton Hall Park Visitor Centre Opens To Public 12th October Posted on 12/10/2017. Served to 10881 unique users. Facebook Link

  9. 10 October 2017 13:02 🚶🏾COUCH TO 5K 🏃🏼‍♀️ If anyone is interested in building up to a 5k over a 9 week programme then please join Houghton Regis Casual Joggers for more information as we're looking to get enough interest to run it! The group are friendly with mixed abilities and often go out for runs of a varying length! All welcome. Chloe Posted on 10/10/2017. Served to 10263 unique users. Facebook Link

  10. Parking at Asda, Dunstable Posted on 21/10/2017. Served to 9363 unique users. Facebook Link