Stop Smoking in Houghton Regis Performing Well and Above Target

A new Public Health report for Central Bedfordshire says that Stop Smoking Services for Houghton Regis GP practices are performing well and above target in regard to smoking quitters.

Houghton Regis Medical Centre had 68 Smoking Quitters in 2016/17 and the Wheatfield Surgery also had 68.

The Stop Smoking Service is looking to make support more accessible for Houghton Regis residents by delivering clinics in Parkside and Tithe Farm Children’s Centres on a weekly basis.

Universal CBC Services, including coverage of Houghton Regis residents: Extended treatment programmes are available to residents with a Mental Health diagnosis or COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder). The Smokefree Baby and Me programme is also available for pregnant smokers.
An advisor can be contacted free on 0800 013 0553 or Email:

NHS Health Check

The NHS Health Check is a national risk assessment and management programme for those aged 40 to 74 living in England, who do not have an existing vascular disease, and who are not currently being treated for certain risk factors.

It is aimed at preventing heart disease, stroke, diabetes and kidney disease and raising awareness of dementia for those aged 65-74 and includes an alcohol risk assessment. Everyone receiving an NHS Health Check will have a risk assessment which will look at individual risk factors as well as their risk of having, or developing, vascular disease in the next ten years. An NHS Health Check should be offered every five years.

Currently GP practices are the sole provider of the NHS Health Check programme; however, performance varies. As patients are entitled to one Health Check every five years, Practices have a target to invite 20% of their eligible population each year.

Houghton Regis sits within the Chiltern Vale Locality in which there are 10 GP Practices; 9 out of the 10 practices deliver NHS Health Checks. Both the GP practices in Houghton Regis, Wheatfield Surgery and Houghton Regis Medical Centre, deliver NHS Health Checks. In 2016/17 Houghton Regis practices were the lowest performing within the locality, ranked 8th and 9th (out of 9) in terms of the number of Health Checks delivered and the quality of those Health Checks.

Public Health have been working closely with both Houghton Regis practices, attending the practices to deliver training and support them to increase the number of Health Checks offered and delivered. Both Practices have made significant progress since the beginning of the financial year (see table below). In the latest data, the practices were ranked 4th and 5th (out of 9 in the locality) in terms of the number of Health Checks delivered.

Achieving positive health outcomes is dependent on close working between local authorities and their partners across the health care system, including primary care. Identifying opportunities for the NHS Health Check to link with other programmes - such as the National Diabetes Prevention Programme - forms a pivotal role in future delivery.

About this report: This report was made to councillors at Town Partnership Committee, Peel Street, Houghton Regis on 10/10/2017