Overnight Fire in Field at WSL

At about 1.30am this morning fire crews started arriving near a field off the Woodside Link where a huge pile of rubbish, deposited by fly-tippers, had been set alight. An old van used to block a hole in the hedgeline of a neighbouring property had also been set alight. The landowners are Telereal Trillium.

Without access to the field — earth bunds and a trench have been built to stop vehicles accessing the field — the fire crews were unable to drive their engines into the field.

Mr Roger Giugno, a nearby site owner and builder, used a digger during the night to help the fire crews. He was praised by a fire crew this morning for helping all night to rake the field and spread the burning rubbish.

Fire crews were split between the burning van site and the burning rubbish.

The last crew left about 8.30am, leaving the rubbish smouldering in the field, and will send another crew out at lunchtime Sunday to check on things.

  • Around 6am on Sunday morning Roger Giugno posted this to his Facebook Group:

Link to Facebook Overnight Pictures and Story


  • A protest had been called to move the rubbish off the Telereal Trillium field and onto the A5505 this Sunday morning, but that was called off on Saturday. Mr Giugno commented in a group Facebook post:
Link to Facebook Group

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