Campaigner Threatens Illegal Action If Landowners Don't Clean Up Fields

A mountain of rubbish dumped illegally on private fields near Houghton Regis has erupted in a formal call for more illegal activity to remove it from the fields and deposit it on the public highway.

Outraged Roger Giugno, who owns a nearby property, has called for the landowner to start removing the rubbish by Friday 22nd September. If they do not, Mr Giugno who is a local builder, says "We will use excavators, dumper trucks and other vehicles to pile the debris onto the Woodside Link."

In the protest entitled Dirty , Peaceful Protest To Protect The Kingsland Wildlife, Roger says, "We ask that as many residents and protesters of our group attend, but in an observing capacity only and in no way do anything that can be construed illegal. I Take full responsibility for all actions I will be forced into."

The illegal action to put the rubbish onto the highway is planned for September 24th. The landowners have said, "We strongly urge Mr Giugno not to carry out his proposals as this would risk the health and safety of many individuals."

This video was filmed on 13th September showing the extent of the fly-tipping:

The Woodside link is the A5505, a Central Bedfordshire Council sponsored road linking the M1 motorway junction 11A to the main Woodside Industrial site of two local towns, Dunstable and Houghton Regis.

The area has suffered from illegal encampments. At the beginning of September new travellers parked up at various points along the A5505. Tip-up vehicles were seen from bedroom windows along Houghton Park Road, Houghton Regis, regularly depositing waste material in the fields. One is seen tipping in the Part Two video below.

A statement was issued on behalf of the landowners, Telereal Trillium, on the 18th September saying, "We are in the process of implementing a range of security measures to protect the HRN1 site from trespassers and this will include trenches, concrete barriers and bunding. We are in the process of organising for the removal of this waste. We hope that the clean-up operation will begin by the end of the week and we estimate will take a number of days."

In response, Mr Giugno wrote:

Should the protest go ahead, it is worth noting that included a message to his supporters Mr Giugno, has written, "The land ,the subject of the protest, is sandwiched between the Woodside Link and The Kingsland Campus on the Northern Boundary of Houghton Regis."

"The protest will entail using 360degree excavators with land rakes to transfer the waste onto the Woodside Link Road following the closure from both ends of the link road prior to the transfer. Up to the point of transfer from the Pear Field to the road, we are on PRIVATE PROPERTY and no action can be taken against us by CBC or the Police that are paid by Taxpayers."

"The issue remains a civil matter until such time as the transfer to the road commences. I would respectfully ask that it be relayed to any law enforcement officers, that the protest is intended to be a
peaceful protest and I have given ample time for all parties to be aware of our intent."

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