Councillors Confessions

On Tuesday night's Town Council Agenda were a couple of items to do with complaints. Both items were shrouded in mystery with regard to who was involved and the nature of the complaints.

The first item acknowledged that a Complaints Sub-Committee had held a meeting on 13th June 2017 and that the complaint was not upheld.

The second item was a Code of Conduct Complaint. This had been upheld by the Monitoring Officer at Central Bedfordshire Council who had recommended that training is provided in "Officer-Member relations and the role of the Town Council as an employer". The Town Council were asked to clarify how Code of Conduct complaints and associated outcomes are handled. After debate and demands for more information, the Town Council agreed that the relevant councillor or councillors will be provided with training, and the Corporate Services Committee would develop a Code of Conduct Complaint Handling Policy.

After the voting, Cllr James Carroll made a short statement in which he said he had been the councillor about whom the complaint had been upheld, in an incident last October. Cllr Tony Swain commended Cllr Carroll for his admission and admitted it had been him that had made the complaint. Cllr Joanna Hillyard then admitted it was her that had had a complaint made against her that had not been upheld.