Tithe Farm Primary School - Positive Comments From Ofsted

Ofsted paid a recent visit to Tithe Farm Primary School and were impressed with what they saw.

Having been through a period of unrest Her Majesty’s Inspector recognized the great work being done at the school and felt confident they would get a positive outcome at their next inspection.

Leaders, including the new Headteacher Mrs Deborah Pargeter, were commended for their "relentless commitment and enthusiasm towards driving school improvement."

Further positive comments were made about all aspects of school life.

Children’s learning was recognised in an improvement in the quality of pupils’ work across a range of subjects…"  Particular reference was made about Early Years where the Inspector recognised the good progress children made.

Mrs Pargeter, Interim Headteacher, said, "My staff work tirelessly to give our children the best possible opportunities. We are passionate about learning and ensuring that children develop a love of learning from a young age. We want our school to be a fun place, where children hurry to in the morning, keen to find out what they are doing for the day. Whether it is making bonfires, acting out Shakespeare or making a speech; learning can be found everywhere. We are proud that Ofsted recognised the strengths of our school and look forward to continuing on the journey with their endorsement."

The school has some vacancies for staff. Enquiries should be directed to the school's Head Teacher: Mrs Deborah Pargeter. Telephone: 01582 865047 or visit the school's website at http://www.tithefarmprimary.co.uk/