New Arriva Services 33 & Z For Houghton Regis

Arriva bus services across Luton, Dunstable and Houghton Regis will be changing on 18th June.

Full timetables are being produced and they plan to have those in circulation in the next two weeks. An information desk will be in the Mall in Luton between the 8th and 11th June.

In addition to the service changes Arriva are also planning fare changes including the reduction of their day, week and 4 weekly tickets in price. A weekly network ticket will go down from £17.50 to just £15.

Busway Services A & Z

Busway A service will operate between Dunstable, Luton and Luton Airport only and an overnight service between the Interchange and the Airport is being introduced making the service 24 hours. The service will operate every 7.5 mins between Dunstable and Luton Interchange with 4 buses an hour going to the airport on Monday to Saturdays.
Sunday frequency remains the same. Timetable

Busway Z service route is changing. The Z will operate every 15 minutes Monday to Saturday and every 20 minutes on Sundays and an evening service is being introduced on Sundays to maintain the link between Parkside and Dunstable.

The new Z service will miss out Windsor Drive. Instead it will run from Wheatfield Rd to new Parkside Drive link road, past GoHoughton, up to Hillborough shops, Tithe Farm Rd, High Street, Blackburn Rd, Busway, Asda. At Asda they change to A buses where they use the Busway to go to Luton Interchange. Some of the A's will also go to the airport.

Coming back, the A's will go from the airport to Luton Interchange, onto Busway for Asda Dunstable. Some of these A's then change into Z's and go to HR via Busway, High Street, Tithe Farm Rd, Hillborough, Parkside Drive new road, Wheatfield Rd, through Lewsey Farm to L&D, and onto busway at Chaul End  Lane, and from there to the railway interchange.

33 - A New Service For Houghton Regis
33 - Mondays to Fridays, Saturdays, but no Sunday service.

The 33 bus is to be extended on Monday-Saturdays from Lewsey Farm, via Wheatfield Road, Sandringham Drive, Windsor Drive, Parkside Drive and Tithe Farm Road to Houghton Regis. It will replace the withdrawn section of the Z route, and to part replace 38 route. The 33 will also operate via Beechwood Road, Addington Way and Leagrave High Street and will no longer serve the Hospital on Lewsey Road. The Sunday service is also withdrawn due to low usage. see Timetable.

1 Reinstated to Farley Hill

4 Reinstated to Farley Hill

12 New timetable and route

13 New timetable and route

14 Afternoon timetable changes

23 No change

24 New timetable

25 New timetable

27 New timetable

28 New timetable and route

28A Withdrawn

29 New timetable and route

29A Withdrawn

31 New timetable

32 New timetable

33 New timetable and route

38 Withdrawn

38A Withdrawn

70 New timetable

F70 New timetable

321 New timetable

A New timetable and route

Z New timetable and route

Download the full details. (pdf) or Read online at Arriva