The Challengers For South West Bedfordshire #GE2017

5 candidates will be on the ballot papers in South West Bedfordshire constituency for the General Election. Voting takes place on 8th June 2017 to elect a person to serve our area in the UK Parliament. They are: Morenike Mafoh (Christian Peoples Alliance), Daniel Norton (Liberal Democrats), Morvern Rennie (The Green Party), Daniel Scott (Labour), Andrew Selous (Conservative).

VOTING Thursday 8th June until 10pm

Meet Your Candidates

Morenike Mafoh

Christian Peoples Alliance. Morenike lives in  Dunstable with her husband and children. An experienced RGN and Peri-Operative Practitioner. She has worked in the NHS and private health sectors, and was a senior operating theatre nurse at St Mary’s Hospital Paddington London, and theatre sister in Milton Keynes General Hospital and Peri-Operative Nurse in Spire Health Care Harpenden for over 5 years. She currently works as a locum. She has concerns for the NHS doctors and nurses who are over stretched in the performance of their duties of care. She said, "The social welfare is denying disabled people their financial right and others receiving benefits. The police resources are overstretched because of increase in crime rate and call outs."
Morenike is a pastor, a Sunday school teacher, and mentor to the teens and youth. She believes in Christian values. Sanctity of marriage, supports the right of persecuted Christians and protection of unborn babies.

Twitter: ‎@CPA_Party Party Manifesto

Morvern Rennie

Morvern Rennie is a Green Party activist who lives and works in Bedfordshire. She is 28 years old, and married with two children, with a law degree from Strathclyde University.
Morvern said, "A chaotic brexit being led by inexperienced negotiators is a threat to the stability of the British economy. Greens will steady the ship and support Bedfordshire businesses by working to stay in the single market, defending free movement of workers and trusting the people of Britain to decide on the final deal we are offered by the EU. "

"We will help Bedfordshire's hard working families by campaigning for more affordable housing, reducing commuting costs by bringing the railways back into public ownership and fighting for a compassionate welfare system which makes work pay. "

"We will be a strong voice for education in Bedfordshire ensuring everyone has the chance to succeed in life by reducing class sizes, scrapping tuition fees, bringing back bursaries for nurses and ensuring our universities continue to be world leaders by matching EU funding."

Twitter: @Morvern4SWBeds       Morvern4SWBeds on Facebook  Party Manifesto

Daniel Scott

Daniel Scott is the Labour Party candidate. Mr Scott, from Leighton Buzzard, is self-employed and runs a small business in Milton Keynes. He has served as a school governor and is currently treasurer of the local triathlon club. Mr Scott came second in this constituency in 2015 with 20% of the vote. He said, "This Tory government has overseen the biggest cuts to our public services in a generation. The NHS and social care is in crisis, our schools are struggling under the weight of the budget cuts and cuts to police budgets are putting our safety at risk." (source)   Party Manifesto

Daniel Norton

The Liberal Democrats candidate is Daniel Norton.  Daniel, who lives in Bedfordshire, was inspired to take a more active role in politics during the EU Referendum. He said “I believe that Britain is an open, tolerant and united society and I am standing to give people the opportunity to vote for a strong opposition to the Tory Hard Brexit plan.” In his full time job Daniel is responsible for buying around £3 billion per year of gas and electricity for British Gas’ residential and business customers. His career path has been in utilities, as an analyst, risk management consultancy, and as a senior strategic analyst (source).
Twitter: @danielmnorton         DanielNortonLD on Facebook   Party Manifesto

Andrew Selous

Andrew Selous, is the Conservative candidate. Andrew has lived in SW Bedfordshire for 14 years and has fought hard for many improvements which are now being delivered. He is committed to an in-out EU Referendum and to controlling immigration. Former director of a small manufacturer, working to help local businesses start and expand. As a former TA soldier, wants strong defence for the United Kingdom in a troubled world. A school governor passionate about the best education in the world for our children. Strong backer of the NHS which saved his life, training as an NHS community first responder. Worker to introduce the Family Impact Test and to strengthen marriages and relationships. (source ).
Twitter: @AndrewSelous         andrewselous4swbeds on Facebook   Party Manifesto

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There are five candidates standing in South West Bedfordshire.

  • Morenike Mafoh, Christian Peoples Alliance
  • Daniel Norton, Liberal Democrats
  • Morvern Rennie, The Green Party
  • Daniel Scott, Labour
  • Andrew Selous, Conservative