Beech Tree's Days Are Numbered If People Don't Object

This is the beech tree that is going to be partially cut down and made into a totem, if planners get the permission they want. Tree is protected by TPO.



Surveyors Report:
4.0 Recommendations From Tree Surveyor -
Management options for the tree are as follows:
◘  A. Remove tree within 12 months to ground level, or retain standing stem only
◘  B. Monitor progress of wood decay at stem base, and at higher levels, by further testing with similar diagnostic devices, commencing in two years' time
◘  C. Limit or exclude access to area within which the tree could potentially fall.
Given the prominence of the subject tree in the landscape option B. would be our preferred option."

But in the planning application for Houghton Hall Park Management Team, they have applied for the tree to be cut now (Option A), saying :
"A play trail is being built adjacent and due to the decay fungus this tree has severe decline, stem failure and brittle fracture. Therefore due to safety this tree would need to be cut, only leaving part of the trunk. The trunk would then be made into a totem pole so as to create a focal point and further enhance the children's play area."

Anyone wishing to object before the end of April can write to quoting CB/TRE/17/00145

The tree in 2013: