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​CVS Volunteering​ Update ​25 April 2017



CVS Volunteering have launched their new online volunteering recruitment system. Potential volunteers are now able to browse and register online for local opportunities 24/7. If your organisation has volunteering roles you want us to promote, then email Paul Atkin today ( to get set up. To look at the current list of opportunities online click here


Universal Credit - 11 May and 18 May (10am - 4pm) – A full-day course from Bedfordshire Advice Forum, is aimed at people who give advice on benefits to clients, and who want to know the essentials of Universal Credit. Some knowledge of current benefits is required. Click here for more details and prices.

Small Charity Week (19-24 June) is the biggest event in the small charity calendar, providing free initiatives, competitions and support over six days, for charities or local community organisations with an annual turnover under £1.5 million. See for more information and follow @SCWeek2017 for breaking news.


Central Bedfordshire Council wishes to invite tenders for the supply of Client Transport services in Central Bedfordshire. The services currently provide transport for over 6300 pupils per day through the delivery of over 540 routes using a mix of vehicle types including cars, minibuses, wheelchair-accessible vehicles, coaches and buses. The services provided include home-to-school transport and transport for adults and children with social or welfare needs. Deadline 18 May. Click here.

Invest is a flexible, long-term core funding programme from Lloyds Bank Foundation for organisations delivering clear, targeted outcomes for disadvantaged people (Grants up to £25k per annum, up to six years). The programme is open for applications between 22 May and 16 June. Click here. 


The Charity Commission has launched a new accounts templates pack for small charitable companies, to help trustees of charitable companies with an income of under £500,000 to prepare their accounts. The new charitable company accounts templates are the product of a close partnership between Companies House and the Charity Commission, to ensure that the templates reflect the regulatory requirements, current guidance and best practice. Click here.

General Election 2017 – What charities can and cannot do. This is a useful article setting out how charities can play an important role during elections, as long as they follow the guidance. Click here.




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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Beech Tree's Days Are Numbered If People Don't Object

This is the beech tree that is going to be partially cut down and made into a totem, if planners get the permission they want. Tree is protected by TPO.



Surveyors Report:
4.0 Recommendations From Tree Surveyor -
Management options for the tree are as follows:
◘  A. Remove tree within 12 months to ground level, or retain standing stem only
◘  B. Monitor progress of wood decay at stem base, and at higher levels, by further testing with similar diagnostic devices, commencing in two years' time
◘  C. Limit or exclude access to area within which the tree could potentially fall.
Given the prominence of the subject tree in the landscape option B. would be our preferred option."

But in the planning application for Houghton Hall Park Management Team, they have applied for the tree to be cut now (Option A), saying :
"A play trail is being built adjacent and due to the decay fungus this tree has severe decline, stem failure and brittle fracture. Therefore due to safety this tree would need to be cut, only leaving part of the trunk. The trunk would then be made into a totem pole so as to create a focal point and further enhance the children's play area."

Anyone wishing to object before the end of April can write to quoting CB/TRE/17/00145

The tree in 2013:

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Robes For Houghton Regis Town Mayor

In February Houghton Regis Town Council voted in favour of buying special robes and a hat for its Town Mayor to wear at special meetings of the council, and on ceremonial occasions.

Neighbouring towns of Luton and Dunstable already have mayors that wear robes. In Dunstable the robes, together with the chain of office, are only worn at Mayor Making, full Council meetings, the Remembrance Day Service and the Mayor’s Civic Service. Last year's Dunstable town mayor, Cllr Liz Jones was also requested by the Mayor of Ely to wear her robes whilst attending the 750th anniversary church service for the air cadets.

On other occasions — including the Annual Town Meeting, charity raising functions, attending other Mayor’s functions, attending the Town’s events, visiting schools, opening shops, attending society’s AGMs — the chain of office is normally worn without the robes.

After the Houghton Regis Town Council decision was made, Alan Winter invited reactions from past mayors, and those of neighbouring towns.

Why was the decision made?

Cllr Joanna Hillyard, a councillor representing Parkside said, "As Houghton Regis is growing into one of the largest towns in the UK, part of the Town Vision in this term it was suggested and discussed to raise the profile of not only Houghton Regis, but also the fact that the Town has a Mayor who is proud to represent the town and its residents.”

Cllr Hillyard continued, "So much negativity surrounds Houghton Regis and the words 'social deprivation' are often used when describing this amazing town. Little is made about the large scale community feel and friendliness of the people that live here. People that are ready and willing to stand up for what they believe in and protect its sense of history and place in Bedfordshire, whilst also standing proud next to other local towns in its own right. Houghton Regis is moving into the future at a great rate of knots with the new roads as well as all the developments, and the Town Council can lead the way in social pride with a nod to heritage and history which is vital not to forget."

"Robes for the Mayor are one of many things within the Town Vision designed to raise the profile of the town at the start of this new journey into the future."

Do you welcome the decision?

Cllr Tony Swain, currently town councillor for Tithe Farm, "You would have gathered from the Council meeting that I along with the Labour Group were against this purchase.  I will state that I have never been approached by residents with a request such as this."

"It should be realised that spending during the 2017—2018 year is planned to be some 30% higher than what was spent 2015 to 2016. The Labour Group considers that monies should be spent on the needs of residents and not the wants of individuals."

Cllr Liz Jones, mayor of Dunstable 2015—16, "I am pleased they have taken this decision to help recognise the role of Town Mayor further in Houghton Regis."

David Hill, a past mayor of Houghton Regis, "I am looking at this from the perspective that the Town will be growing quite rapidly in the coming years and as such the role and duties of the Mayor will be increasing. The Robe and Hat are items that raise the status of a Mayor and Council in the Community, especially on ceremonial occasions. Let us not forget a Mayor is an ambassador to the town, he or she dressed in Mayoral Robes creates a positive image and this is all important these days."

Mayor of Dunstable, Cllr Hollick, 2016/17 in his robes.

Cllr Peter Hollick, mayor of Dunstable 2016—17, "When one does appear in public in the robes the Mayor of course does stand out — for example when taking the salute at the march past on the occasion of the Remembrance Day Service — and generally any comments are positive. The tricorn hat has not been worn over recent years and neither does the Town Clerk wear his gown, let alone the wig!"

"On those occasions where the robes are worn in public I think it is a mark that the Mayor is the first citizen of the Town and the robes help to identify the Mayor as such. I wonder if Houghton Regis might one day think about purchasing a mace unless they already have one. The Mace is another story!"

Lynda Walmsley, a past mayor of Houghton Regis, "I am always for upping Houghton Regis's profile, and therefore wish the council well in this decision, but always hoping that this is for the town, not to make the Mayor or council feel more important. It is always good to move forward and create new traditions."

Do mayor's not wearing robes feel out of place?

Cllr Stephen Cotter, the Mayor of Leighton Linslade 2016/17, "During my mayoral year I have been to a number of events where the mayors are wearing robes, but have never felt out of place. The robes do add an element of theatre to the event, but can appear extravagant in this modern era. The Lord Mayor of London looks fine but I'm not so sure about the mayor of Leighton Linslade."

Cllr Tony Swain, a past mayor of Houghton Regis "I never felt out of place as the only times robes were worn by Mayors was on the inaugural meeting and at Full Town Council. Robes were never worn at other times when I was Mayor."

Cllr Mark Smith, a past mayor of Ampthill Town Council, "As Mayor of Ampthill from 2005 to 2006 the main thing was that you dressed smartly and wore the chain of office when representing the Council. We've never seen the necessity for Mayoral Robes, as we try to keep mayoral expenses to a minimum as we are mindful that this is our council tax-payers money!"

David Hill, "I always wore a business suite to all my ceremonies and events and so on. I never felt out of place, there were not many Mayors at the time I was in Office that had Robes, although I was aware that Dunstable and Luton Mayors had them."

Lynda Walmsley, "Being Mayor for me was all about Houghton Regis, not my appearance; however I always did my utmost to look as smart as possible. Wearing the chain of office always made me feel that people looked at my role more respectfully; however most of the events I attended did not require robes anyway. "

"The year I was honoured to represent Houghton Regis I was very fortunate to work with many town Mayors who treated me and all other Mayors equally, often inviting me to events outside of my formal duties. I do realise that often the town's folk of most places I visited, were very impressed with the robes worn — I think they perceived these Mayors as more important —  however I never felt inferior, finding the more I was able to chat to as many as possible, explaining the role of Mayor, the less the robes mattered."

Do you foresee any ongoing problems with the robes? Size, or cost for example?

Cllr Tony Swain, "The main problem would be additional costs as a number of robes would be needed, one size will not fit all, they would also need to be repaired and cleaned. I do not feel storage would be a problem."

Cllr Liz Jones, "Dunstable has two sets of robes, one for short people and one for tall. I wore the short ones. There is the hat — however I did not wear it. I held it as part of the regalia for my Civic Service. The robes are cleaned infrequently as they are not heavily used. They are stored carefully."

Cllr Peter Hollick, "The robes are quite heavy but on a cold November day (Remembrance) the warmth is welcome! One does require someone to help pin the chain of office onto the robes. Otherwise there is no particular problem wearing them.

Members of the public commented on the proposal back in January on our Facebook Page. Most comments were unfavourable towards this expenditure. Those comments can be reviewed on this link. Has your opinion changed after reading this article? Please comment below.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Biker Down Courses

Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service are running free "Biker Down" courses throughout the year to give motorcyclists and other road users the skills they need to help bikers who may have been involved in an accident. 
Each course lasts four hours and is split into four modules: 

June 17th 
July 22nd 
August 27th 
September 24th 
October 22nd 
November 26th 

Please check the course is running and book at place, please don't just turn up. 

Module 1 – First on scene – this module includes an introduction into the course followed by detailed input on risk assessment, prioritisation of activities, calling the emergency services & giving accurate details, parking safely on arrival, scene safety, hazards that can be encountered at an incident and how to deal with each, managing adrenaline & generally staying calm & safe. 

Module 2 – First Aid – this module covers basic live saving first aid techniques that can be applied when arriving first on scene. We cover managing the airway, breathing & circulation of casualties whilst reiterating being mindful of the hazards detailed in module 1. 
We also perform a 'Motorcycle Helmet' removal demonstration and allow participants to practise the correct technique for this. 

Module 3 – Avoiding the accident – this module enlightens attendees with current statistics with regards to motorcycle accidents, the most common causes of motorcycle accidents including both motion camouflage and the looming effect. The module concludes with a discussion on some advanced riding techniques that can be used to reduce the chance of becoming involved in an accident. 

Module 4 – The Law – this module covers various aspects of the law and how it can affect persons involved in an RTC (such as modifications to vehicles invalidating your insurance). It also covers the information the Police will require after a serious collision, what to expect from the Police after a collision, the court process including what to expect if you are required to give evidence and finally a 'frequently asked questions' session covering several other interesting topics. 

"Biker Down!" courses run throughout the year at Shefford Community Fire Station. The next one is on June 17th from 10am to 2pm and then at least once a month during the rest of the year. Anyone who would like more information, or to book a place, should contact:

Monday, 10 April 2017

Quarry: Litter Picker's Dismay At Weekend Mess Sun-Lovers Leave Behind

A volunteer litter picker has expressed his concern for Houghton Regis Chalk Quarry. Following a weekend of glorious sunshine, many people took to the Chalk Quarry to spend time lazing by the side of the Marl Lark, including students from All Saints Academy.

But as the crowd left the site, some of the litter did not leave with them.

 A regular concerned visitor, who has worked tirelessly as one of the volunteers to help keep the site free from litter for several years has told HRND on Monday morning, "I've been down there this morning and I'm very sad. I litter-picked around the lake between 1pm and 2pm yesterday. I went down there this morning, and the amount of rubbish left in just half a day is heart-breaking. I didn't have enough time or bags to clear-up today. I fear the place is lost to legitimate public use for the next 3 or 4 years."

The volunteer preferred not to be named, but supplied the pictures above.

Funding to manage the privately owned site was provided by St Francis Group, the site owners, for 5 years, when new homes were built at Lake View, but this has run out, and management by BCN Wildlife Trust officially ceases later this week.

The St Francis Group describes itself as an innovative owner, manager and developer of commercial and residential property. New funding to help manage the Chalk Quarry - a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) - is not expected to start until new homes are built at Thorn and west Bidwell, to the north of the quarry.

With Central Bedfordshire budgets being quite tight, HRND understands that interim funding from the authority might be difficult to find. Recently, some metal gates from nearby Blue Waters Woodland were stolen, and to replace those is another expense the budget of the relevant department of the unitary authority will need to meet.

Would you like to help in specific clean-up-the-quarry days? If there is enough support, we could organise this through HRND. Contact us.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Give blood during the Easter holidays

Children who depend on life-saving blood transfusions are encouraging donors to give blood during the Easter holidays to ensure NHS Blood and Transplant has the blood stocks necessary to meet demand.
Eight-year old Sophie Thorne is one of several youngsters contributing a 'thank you' picture to remind people in Luton and Bedfordshire that donating blood saves lives.
Blood stocks are more vulnerable to shortfall around public holidays like Easter as the weather improves, and people go on holiday or enjoy days out with family. It is vital stocks are constantly replenished as blood has a shelf life of 35 days and platelets only seven days. Hospitals across England need more than 6,000 blood donations every day to treat patients. Blood or the components of blood are used to treat patients with medical conditions such as anaemia, cancer blood disorders, and those having surgery.

Catherine Thorne, Sophie's mother, of Wootton near Bedford, said: "Sophie has a rare blood condition called Hereditary Spherocytosis. When she was three she caught a virus, became severely anaemic and needed an urgent blood transfusion at Bedford Hospital. It was a real emergency and we wondered if we would get her through the next 24 hours. She called her transfusion her 'super power blood', and it was really was! I still can't believe the difference it made in 12 hours. She could need another transfusion at any time if the haemoglobin, or oxygen carriers, in her blood cells falls below a certain level. I started donating a few months later in 2012 as I saw how much of a difference giving blood can make to people's lives."
Michelle Laserna, Senior Marketing Coordinator at NHS Blood and Transplant, said: "Why not swap a chocolate egg for a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit at your local blood donation centre? Every blood donation can help save or improve up to three lives and we would like to thank all our blood donors for their dedication. The need for blood never stops and I urge donors to book an appointment in the Easter holidays if it's time for them to donate again."
Every blood donation is vital, but NHS Blood and Transplant particularly needs to ensure supplies of the universal blood group O negative, which is often in short supply as demand is so great. There is also a need for supplies of rarer blood types including A negative and B negative.
It's also important for more people from black and Asian backgrounds to donate blood. Some disorders, such as Sickle Cell Disease and Thalassaemia are more common in patients from these backgrounds and they have a need for well matched blood. Donors from the same ethnic background are more likely to be a close match.
Donating a unit of blood takes less than an hour from appointment time. To book an appointment visit or call 0300 123 23 23 to find your nearest session. Platelets can be donated at 23 dedicated centres across the country. The Luton Donor Centre is located in St Georges Square, Bridge Street, Luton.
It is also easy to book through mobile apps for Windows, Android and Apple devices. To download the app, search 'NHSGiveBlood' in the app store.

'Carers In Bedfordshire' Invite Carers Interested in Discussing Transport Issues

'Carers in Bedfordshire' are working with Central Bedfordshire Council to ensure carers' voices are heard more clearly in the design and delivery of services that affect our lives. The next meeting may be of interest if you are a carer in Central Bedfordshire. The theme is Transport.
The first of four meetings in 2017-18 is to be held between 10.30am and 1pm on Wednesday 19th April in the Council Chamber of Central Bedfordshire Council's Priory House office in Shefford, SG17 5TQ. Each meeting will be in a different part of Central Bedfordshire, but carers are welcome to attend all meetings, not just the meeting nearest to them.
The theme of the next meeting is Transport.
Come and have your say about this key issue, and hear the latest from:

·         Central Bedfordshire Council, about their Public Transport Strategy, and School Transport

·         East London Foundation Trust (ELFT) about the change in locations of some key services and the implications for transport

·         Voluntary transport and community schemes, including Beds Rural Communities Charity's Good Neighbour scheme

The purpose of the meeting is to share a better understanding of what is currently happening, and work together to develop solutions  that will work.

To book a place, please phone 0300 111 1919 or email
If you cannot attend but have a question or a point you would like raised, please also send that to me. Your views really matter.

If transport to the venue is a challenge for you, please contact the organisers and they will try to support you to attend the event.

Registered address: Carers in Bedfordshire, Sandland Court, Pilgrim Centre, Brickhill Drive, Bedford, MK41 7PZ,
Charity number: 1135507, Company number: 07140432

Thursday, 6 April 2017

James Stone Appointed Managing Director at Lands Improvement Holdings

Lands Improvement Holdings (‘Lands Improvement’), one of the UK’s leading strategic land development companies, has promoted James Stone to Managing Director with effect from 1st April 2017.

Formerly Land Director at Lands Improvement, James takes over the role of Managing Director from Kevin Moriarty. Kevin has overseen the integration of the Lands Improvement business with Telereal Trillium, following the company’s acquisition by Telereal Trillium from BlackRock Europe Property Fund III, in September 2015 for £120m. With the integration process now complete, Kevin has chosen to leave the company to explore new opportunities.

Since joining Lands Improvement in 2004, James Stone has been closely involved across all of the Company’s activities from site acquisition, asset management, and planning, to disposal. He was appointed to the Board in June 2011.

Commenting on his appointment as Managing Director, James said: “I am grateful for the opportunity to lead Lands Improvement, one of the UK’s oldest land investment companies, through its next stage of development.

Having been with the business for more than 12 years, and worked closely with Kevin for the majority of that time, I know that Lands Improvement is very well placed to deliver the size and calibre of strategic land developments the UK so desperately needs. We have a number of exciting projects coming forward this year and are looking to make further acquisitions.”

Kevin Moriarty said: “I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with Lands Improvement which started in 2009 when I was with the previous shareholder. Throughout that time, we have achieved so much as a team. The business is in great hands going forward, being led by James with an excellent team supported by Telereal Trillium.”

Lands Improvement’s portfolio of land holdings consists of c.2,500 acres of land across the UK – a total of 26 assets at different stages, from planning promotion to land sales. Current projects include a major site at Houghton Regis, Bedfordshire, where the Company has secured permission to start work on a 5,150 home residential development with 2m sq.ft of commercial, leisure, and retail space.

LIH is part of the Telereal Trillium group.


Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Outdoor Opportunities for Conservation Volunteers

The Wildlife Trust BCN are offering a new programme of opportunities for volunteers to help in outdoor maintenance tasks. The new programme is for the next 3 months. There are opportunities at Blow's Down, Galley and Warden Hills, Totternhoe Quarry, and Stopsley Common.

For the time being, there are no opportunities at Houghton Regis Chalk Quarry. Work there had been funded for 5 years from the development at Tilia Park — Lake View — but new funding from developments at Bidwell and Thorn has yet to be made available.

Direct line: 01525 874317
Office: 01525 874317
Mobile: 07540 669907

Tweet: @wildlifebcn
Like: /wildlifebcn

The Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire & Northamptonshire
Unit 2
St Johns Barn
Griffin Farm
Conger Lane
United Kingdom

The information can be downloaded:

1. April-July 2017 Volunteer Programme (pdf)

2. Midweek Wildlife Team Bedfordshire April - June 2017 (.doc)

Monday, 3 April 2017

Community Voluntary Services Update - 3 April 2017






CVS Update  |  3 April 2017


The launch of the new £1 coin offers some great opportunities to raise funds. Why not encourage people to donate their first new pound coin to charity? The Royal Mint will also be supporting charity fundraising by encouraging people to donate old pound coins on receiving a new one. Check out the hashtag #PoundForPound. Click here.


The Academy of Social Work and Early Intervention at Central Bedfordshire Council offers training and qualifications to Bedfordshire's children's workforce.  Most qualifications are delivered 'on-the-job' and offer flexible starting dates. Click here.

Bedfordshire Advice Forum is offering the following courses:

  • Benefits Update - 4 May (10am - 1pm) - This half-day course is aimed at people who give advice on benefits to clients and who want an update on the wide-ranging 2017 benefit changes. A good knowledge of current benefits is required.
  • Universal Credit - 11 May and 18 May (10am - 4pm) - This full-day course is aimed at people who give advice on benefits to clients, and who want to know the essentials of Universal Credit. Some knowledge of current benefits is required.

Click here for more details and prices.


Awards for All provides small lottery grants of between £300 and £10,000 for grassroots and community activity that aims to improve life for local people and neighbourhoods. You can apply to Awards for All England if you are a community or not-for-profit group, parish or town council, health body, or school. Click here.

LAST CHANCE - 'Inspiring Volunteering' is the Cheering Volunteering small grants scheme, set up to assist voluntary and community organisations to encourage volunteering in Central Bedfordshire. Grant awards will be made from a minimum of £100 to a maximum of £1,000. Applications for financial assistance can be made by any group or organisation, providing that the project they wish to spend the money on is located within Central Bedfordshire and/or will support primarily the residents of Central Bedfordshire. Deadline 7 April. For more information click here.

As part of Luton's Serious Youth Violence Strategy, Luton Community Safety Partnership has tasked YouTurn Futures to commission two pieces of work. Invitations to tender are now open to develop bespoke training packages for:

  • Knife Crime Prevention and Gang Awareness programme for pupils in Year Groups 6 and 7 in Luton as part of the National Personal Health & Social Education (PHSE) framework.
  • Professionals working in agencies providing services to young people (aged under 25) at risk or involved in serious youth violence through gang affiliation.

Deadline 21 April. Click here.

Bright Ideas Fund - The £1.85 million Community Business Bright Ideas Fund will offer around 80 community groups, who work in England, with up to 15 days of tailored support and grants of up to £20,000 to develop their budding community business ideas. Round 2 of the Bright Ideas Fund will open on 19 April. Click here.

A new fund has been launched by Sport England to 'help the active stay active when life changes'. Grants of £50,000 - £500,000 over up to four years will be available to partnerships of organisations who can engage with active people at different life changes and help under-represented groups stay active. Click here. Deadline 22 May. Click here.

New Fund for Small Charities Working Internationally - The Department for International Development (DfID) has announced that it will be launching a new fund for small charities working internationally to help the world's poorest communities this summer. This Fund will be specifically targeted at small UK-registered civil society organisations with an annual income of less than £250,000. Click here.

National Vegetarian Week - Small grants, up to £200 for activities around National Vegetarian Week on 15-21 May. Deadline 30 April. Click here.

National Churches Trust - The Trust offers funds for Christian church projects which help maintain the UK's heritage of church buildings and to enhance their ability to serve local communities. Applications are currently being accepted to these grants programmes:

  • Community Grants of £10,000 - £25,000 to enable increased community use of places of worship
  • Repair Grants of £10,000 - £40,000 are available towards the cost of urgent and essential structural repair projects.
  • Project Viability and Project Development Grants up to £10,000

Deadline is 10 May. Click here.

ESF Community Grants between £5,000 and £20,000 are available for voluntary and community groups with a turnover of less than £300,000 per annum, to support projects that help engage and progress those who are long-term unemployed and furthest from the labour market. Activities could include:

  • initial help with basic skills
  • taster work experience including voluntary work
  • training, advice and counselling
  • confidence building
  • job search assistance including the provision of equipment and support to secure employment
  • first contact engagement activities

Applications open for funding on Monday 3 April and close on Wednesday 19 April. Grants will be awarded during the week commencing 8 May. Email to request more information.


New rates as of April 2017 for the National Living Wage and the National Minimum Wage. Click here.

Government, funders and large charities must take urgent action if small charities are to survive turbulent times ahead, according to a new analysis published by Lloyds Bank Foundation for England & Wales. Click here.

The House of Lords Select Committee on Charities has published 'Stronger Charities for a Stronger Society'. This wide-ranging report reflects on the need for charities, government, infrastructure bodies, the Charity Commission and funders to adapt and be more flexible, to ensure that effective small and medium-sized charities, in particular, can continue to provide significant benefits to Britain. Click here.

Instagram for Charities: How can you make the most of it? A useful article from Charity Digital News discussing why a charity should be on Instagram, what content you should be sharing, and how to best engage with followers. Click here.

Central Bedfordshire Village Halls & Community Buildings Survey 2017 - Bedfordshire Rural Communities Charity and Central Bedfordshire Council are carrying out a survey to help inform future investment in community facilities and the provision of support services, as well as enabling an up-to-date directory to be produced. A full report analysing the findings will be produced and made available online. Click here.

Bedfordshire on Sunday's Local Heroes 2017 - nominations are now open for 11 awards including Charity of the Year. Click here.


Finance/Administrator, Bedford Women's Centre, £18,282 per annum pro-rata, 15 hours per week (Monday-Thursday). This is a part-time role for an AAT-qualified person able to prepare financial information and reports with a good knowledge of computer systems. Deadline 4 May. Click here

Centre Director, Luton Law Centre, up to £35K per annum, pro-rata to 3 or 4 days per week. Luton Law Centre is looking for a Centre Director with the management and leadership skills to provide a strategic lead for the organisation, and support for the Trustees and staff to develop the Law Centre's services. Deadline 24 April. Click here.

Project Manager, Transitions UK, £22-24K per annum, 37.5 hours per week. The Project Manager will manage the Special Needs Transition Project based at Woodlands School and other schools in Luton. Deadline 19 April. Click here.

Finance Manager, Bedford Creative Arts, Part-time (21 hours per month), £32K per annum, pro-rata. Deadline 13 April. Click here.

Bid Manager, YMCA Bedfordshire, £26,500 per annum, 37.5 hours per week. The purpose of this role is to enable YMCA Bedfordshire to develop and expand into appropriate areas, by sourcing and successfully applying to a range of funding sources appropriate to their work. Deadline 11 April. Click here.

Bedford & District Cerebral Palsy Society are recruiting for three vacancies:

  • Grant and Event Fundraiser and Co-Ordinator (20 hours per week) - This role will work primarily on the identification and maximisation of funding opportunities, both through grant application and event organisation. Deadline 7 April.
  • Gateopener Information and Support Assistant (25 hours per week) - This role will work primarily on the "Gateopener" project, which provides support and advocacy to families. Deadline 7 April.
  • Services Support Manager (30 hours per week) - This role will work closely with the management team to manage all administration functions including office/administrative staff. Deadline 14 April.

Click here for more information.




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