The Future of Townsend Court

You may have heard people talking about Townsend Court.

The unit is topic of discussion at CBC Overview and Scrutiny meeting on Monday 20th March, from 10am at Chicksands.

The following notes are cribbed from a 3 page detailed report:

Townsend Court currently provides acute care for older people who need support because their symptoms have become more challenging in either their home or care home. They get 24 hour nursing care, and usually stay in Townsend Court for between 1 and 3 months.

Anyone still a patient when the unit closes will need to be transferred to Fountains Court in Bedford. This is a 26-bed acute assessment unit for older people with mental illness that provides both treatment for functional illnesses such as depression and specialist dementia care.

Townsend Court will continue to be used.

By the end of March, East London Foundation Trust will transfer female inpatients from the current premises of Keats Ward at Weller Wing, Bedford Hospital, to Townsend Court in Houghton Regis. They need to be moved because the Care Quality Commission has deemed Weller Wing to be 'not conducive to recovery'.

◘ Townsend Court is situated in Mayer Way, Houghton Regis.

◘  If you have any urgent questions or concerns then please contact

◘  Read the full report from page 15 onwards