Neighbourhood Survey Reveals Answers From Less Than 40

At the Houghton Regis Town Council Planning meeting on Tuesday 28th March, there are a number of minor plans to be discussed. They will also review a summary of responses to the Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire. Here are some of its highlights:

◘  Within the town centre people prioritise health facilities, banks and entertainment, ahead of takeaways, pubs and clubs, and hotels.
◘  Teenagers are seen as the highest priority group for facilities.
◘  In making the town safer to live in 'local police presence' was selected as most important, followed by more cctv, better lighting, and alternative activities for young people.
◘  People thought the type of work needed in the area should be manufacturing, technology, and office.
◘  People thought it 'Very Important' to protect heritage assets and green spaces around the edge of Houghton Regis.
◘  On sustainability, solar panels and waste processing were thought as 'very important' to be encouraged in the parish.
◘  The survey also lists a further 3 pages of suggestions made.

It is not indicated in the summaries available online how many people responded to the survey, but it looks to be less than 40. The amount spent on the Neighbourhood Plan to date is specified as £1894, broken down as  £1,725.40 on Consultant’s fees and £168.00 on questionnaire expenses according to a communication sent to HRND on 5 April 2017.

The survey appeared in the December 2016 edition of the Town Crier delivered to all households.

 The full survey can be read online .