Do We Still Need Our Phone Booths? Consultation Now On

BT is proposing to remove 80 payphones in Central Bedfordshire.

The removal concerns payphones identified by BT as unnecessary, whilst retaining public payphones that are still in use or have been categorised as providing a social need.

An initial Object or Agree comment has been added by Central Bedfordshire Council following a local parish council consultation, and now they want public feedback on the booths to be removed or kept. You can download the full list here, but for local convenience we've listed some here.

The following are under threat of removal:

Houghton Regis:
Junction of Tithe Farm Rd, Leaf Road
Junction of Windsor Drive, Lowry Drive
Outside shops at Hillborough Crescent
Opposite number 2 Neptune Square

PCO Chiltern Road, LU6 1HP
Appleby Gardens, Langdale Road, LU6 3BT
P O Forecourt, Luton Road, LU5 4JW
PCO Coombe Drive, LU6 2AE
O/S Maidenblower Lodge, Chalk Hill, LU6 1RR

Eaton Bray:
Jcn High Street, Knights Close, Eaton Bray, LU6 2DS
Near High Street, Wallace Drive, Eaton Bray, LU6 2DF

Jcn Wingfield St, St Marys Close, Tebworth, LU7 9QF
PCO Wingfield Road, Tebworth LU7 9QQ

Outside shops, Lincoln Way, LU5 6NA

You can find out more, and how to have your say here.