The Blockade of Houghton Regis: Porz Avenue Roundabout Closure & Bus Services

Blockade: noun, "an act or means of sealing off a place to prevent goods or people from entering or leaving."

Planned Road Closures:
Bedford Road is planned for 10/10/16 – 21/10/16
Poynters/Porz is planned for 22/10/16 – 30/10/16 A huge number of yellow signs are going to be in place to warn people of the closure well in advance of the roundabout, as well as the usual red ROAD AHEAD CLOSED signs.
Thorn Road is planned for 24/10/16 – 28/10/16 EVENINGS ONLY 21:00 – 06:00
Bedford Road is planned (again) 31/10/16 – 05/12/16

Walking Routes
During the Porz Ave roundabout closure (22-30 Oct) there will be a signed footpath diversion next to the roundabout to get to Wheatfield Road. Pedestrians can then cross on Poynters Road to get to Porz Ave. For noise reasons, the contractors say this work cannot just be done at night.

L and D Hospital Access
Via the A bus service from Houghton Regis to Stanton Road bus stop, but it is a 700m walk.

Woodside Link Notices

For all enquiries regarding these works please contact the Woodside Link team on their Facebook Page, by phone to 0300 300 5289, or by email to

Temporary Bus Services October 2016


A and Z Service
The Porz Avenue roundabout will close 22-30 Oct 2016.
An emergency schedule is being applied to Routes A and Z for the 9 day duration, whereby Route Z is diverted from Tomlinson Avenue to the Wheatfield Surgery turning circle and Route A is extended from Go Houghton over Route Z to Sandringham Drive / Milton Way.

see bus map above.

Service A Sandringham Drive - Parkside - Houghton Regis - Dunstable - Luton Station - Luton Airport
Monday to Saturday (during Porz Roundabout closure ONLY) operating 22nd -30th October 2016 ONLY
Download schedule pdf file

Due to the temporary closure of the A5120 Bedford Road in Houghton Regis, the Centrebus E busway service will be operating on a diversion from Monday 10th October.
The service will operate along the busway, before taking Blackburn Road, Townsend Farm Road, the A5120 and turning right onto Watling Street (A5). The service will then operate along the A5 until Hockcliffe Road, where it will continue along Toddington Road and Leighton Road. During this time the service will start and finish from Toddington Green, but will be unable to serve Morrisons. see map:

Centrebus Operations Team will be closely monitoring the delays and will work hard to minimize any disruption.

Centrebus would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused by this service diversion and thank our customers for their patience during this time.

Other buses

The 169 will operate into Houghton Regis but will incur some delays due to the diversion.
The 38A, 42 will operate directly into Dunstable, as they will be unable to serve Houghton Regis. Arriva have agreed that customers on the 38A can transfer with a valid ticket/pass onto the A service directly to Houghton Regis.
Customers from Houghton Regis wanting the 42 to Bedford will need to travel to Dunstable to catch the 42, or go to High Street North.