Safety Improvements For Bedford Road

By Alan Winter

A series of measures to improve safety for all road users in Bedford Road is proposed.

  • On approach south to Aylesbury Drive (the new main road into the Taylor Wimpey site), the existing road markings to be removed, and replaced with new 30mph warning lines. 
  • A section of road to be coated in red with high friction surfacing just north of the Red Lion car park entrance.
  • A mini-roundabout is proposed for the junction of Bedford Road with Aylesbury Drive .
  • A zebra crossing in Prismo Red is proposed between Aylesbury Drive and Roslyn Way; this will include some footpath widening to accommodate a belisha beacon.
  • A mini-roundabout on a raised platform in prismo red is proposed to be situated at the junction of Roslyn Way and Bedford Road in Houghton Regis.
  • A speed ramp coloured prismo red  is proposed for by the site of Brethren's Meeting House, described as "Dragons teeth road markings to be installed on both vehicular protruding directions on 1.0m ramp approach."
  • A new 2 metre footway is proposed for the eastern side of Bedford Road, togther with a retaining wall, from Aylesbury Drive to opposite the junction with Bidwell Hill.
  • A new speed ramp in prismo red is proposed between the steps leading down from Bidwell Hill and the junction of Bedford Rd with Bidwell Hill.
  • Lighting columns and other street objects are to be relocated to the back of footways.
  • A scheme to manage the trees on the left hand side going up the road is to be worked out with CBC's Horticulture and Arboriculture officer.
  • 4 parking bays opposite the junction of Bidwell Road with Bedford Road  to be retained; the parking bays and the whole junction to be treated with a 50mm thick surface course in Prismo Red. 
  • Just south of Ivydene House, a zebra crossing is proposed.

Further Details may be examined during normal office hours at the address shown below, viewed online at or tel. 0300 300 5003.

Comments should be sent in writing to the Traffic Management team at the address below or by e-mail to by 26 August 2016.

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