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Airlander Airship Takes A Nose Dive

Airlander 10 has been damaged after a bad landing following the second flight from Cardington Sheds. BBC Three Counties Radio shared these pictures via Twitter earlier today. Airlander 10 has been damaged after a bad landing following the second flight from Cardington Sheds. — BBC Three Counties (@BBC3CR) August 24, 2016

Zoo Weigh In At Whipsnade

Sam at the weigh-in Keepers at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo have carried out a huge scale operation as they encouraged thousands of animals to step onto the scales for the Zoo’s annual weigh-in. Hercules beetle at ZSL Whipsnade As part of their regular check-ups, all creatures great and small - from giant beetles and plucky penguins to sprightly meerkats and gentile elephants - were enticed onto specialist scales of varying sizes in order for keepers to check their vital statistics. Young Asian elephant calf, Sam, who will turn two years old in September, tipped the scales at an impressive 714kg, while the Hercules beetle – one of the world’s strongest insects and able to lift up to 850 times its own body weight – was recorded at 4.5g. Logging the statistics of the Zoo’s residents, many of them on the IUCN’s Red List of Threatened Species, is vital to ensure the health and wellbeing of each animal can be closely monitored by keepers throughout the year. Rockhopper penguin steps

Borrow Pit by M1 - Bird Resort

Photo: ©A D Winter, 12 August 2016. All Rights Reserved.

Latest Crime Figures for June 2016

New data for your area has been published on Here is a brief summary of the crime information for the past two months: May 2016 June 2016 All crime 692 678 Anti-social behaviour 299 321 Bicycle theft 11 5 Burglary

70 year-old Gloria in Head Shave for Blind Benefit

A 70 year-old lady from Lowry Drive, Houghton Regis, has vowed to have her head shaved for charity. Gloria Smith will raise money for RP Fighting Blindness during a Bingo night at Lewsey Farm Community Centre next month. Retinitis pigmentosa (RP) is a disease of the eye that leads to loss of vision and blindness. RP Fighting Blindness works hard to stimulate and fund cutting edge research to find a treatment or cure and support those affected. Gloria told News Desk, "I've always helped, when I can, to raise funds for this charity since it affected family friends. I am getting quite apprehensive now, but I'll be supported by friends and relations on the day. It's not really brave of me, the real bravery is with those who suffer from RP. My hair will be quite thick when the time comes to have it shaved off, but I don't mind, it will grow back." Wayne Kett, from Lunatic Fringe hairdressers at Hillborough Crescent, has promised to do the cut on Se

Safety Improvements For Bedford Road

By Alan Winter A series of measures to improve safety for all road users in Bedford Road is proposed. On approach south to Aylesbury Drive (the new main road into the Taylor Wimpey site), the existing road markings to be removed, and replaced with new 30mph warning lines.  A section of road to be coated in red with high friction surfacing just north of the Red Lion car park entrance. A mini-roundabout is proposed for the junction of Bedford Road with Aylesbury Drive . A zebra crossing in Prismo Red is proposed between Aylesbury Drive and Roslyn Way; this will include some footpath widening to accommodate a belisha beacon. A mini-roundabout on a raised platform in prismo red is proposed to be situated at the junction of Roslyn Way and Bedford Road in Houghton Regis. A speed ramp coloured prismo red  is proposed for by the site of Brethren's Meeting House, described as "Dragons teeth road markings to be installed on both vehicular protruding directions on 1.0m ramp