Whitbread Apply For 33 Extra Parking Spaces - 17 Trees Would Go

33 New parking spaces proposed to help Whitbread HQ meet demand

Whitbread Group plc have come up with a scheme to increase the number of parking spaces at Whitbread Court and Samuel Court on the Houghton Hall Business Park in Houghton Regis. If the scheme goes ahead, 397 parking bays will become 430 parking bays, an increase of 33 spaces.

As headquarters for Whitbread, the company experience peak demands for parking when field staff attend briefings and meetings.

If planning permission is given, an arboriculturalist report points out that it would require "the removal of around 17 established but small and medium-sized trees " and "the trimming of lower branches within the woodland", and "pruning works are likely to be necessary to two or three mature trees (two sycamores and one lime)." A number of trees adjoining Porz Avenue already have TPOs on them.

A recently expanded car park in Houghton Hall Park is currently providing additional spaces for the company during the week. In the application, Whitbread point out that off-site parking will continue to be needed.

Scheme details can be found on the Planning pages of Central Bedfordshire Council website  number CB/16/02820