Children Encouraged to Redesign Police Cars!

Is your child a budding artist? Do they care about the community? If so, they could help redesign our police cars!

As the summer holidays are just around the corner Bedfordshire Police's Crime Reduction team is encouraging young people to use their free time safely and sensibly by entering a competition to have their artwork displayed on community police vehicles.

The competition will see the talented winner's drawing transformed into the 'livery' on the side of cop cars which are used for neighbourhood patrols and attending appointments.

Sergeant Ben Dimmock said: "The aim of this light-hearted competition is to get kids thinking about what policing means to them, and how important it is in their community. We want young people to put pen to paper to come up with a design which will brighten up our community cars and help people to engage with the force from a young age.

"The only brief is to be big and bold, and create a clear, concise design which incorporates the community in some way. It will help to think about how your drawing will translate onto the side of a car. This is just one of our many initiatives with young people to promote a positive view of policing and even inspire the police officers of the future."

The competition is open to anyone who lives in Bedfordshire and is under the age of 18.

Entries can be tweeted to @crime_reduction or emailed as PDF or photo image to