Boundary Review 2018 - What Works Best For Houghton Regis?

Would you choose S1, S2, or S3 to be the Parliamentary seat arrangement?

13/9/2016 - S3 is the designated suggestion for Houghton Regis.
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Parliament has specified that the 2018 review must reduce the number of constituencies, and therefore MPs, in the UK, to 600. It has asked The Boundary Commission, as an independent and impartial body, to consider where the boundaries of the new constituencies should be, ensuring that every new constituency has roughly the same number of electors; no fewer than 71,031 and no more than 78,507

What new distribution of Parliamentary seats would work best for our area?
Posted by Houghton Regis News Desk on Sunday, 12 June 2016

13-9-2016 - BBC -  Boundary review: New constituencies for the East


  1. It's a tough choice for South Beds/Luton area. Present boundaries always produce polarised results to Labour or Conservative wins. Personally I'd go with S1. Dunstable and Houghton Regis & to lesser extent Leighton Buzzard, have so much affinity. But cannot see those south of Dunstable (rural Tory) wanting to be lumped in with Luton South (urban Labour) under this option. Nor, can I see urban Luton North going with countryside to the north.

    S1 - The green area is more likely to become a safe Conservative seat; the brown area a tussle between the left and right of politics; the grey area a tussle between the left and right of politics;

    S2 - Luton North with Dunstable? Traditionally a big divide between political left (Luton North) and right (Dunstable) - be quite a tussle at the ballot box for this area! The green area would be a safe Tory seat; The brown area would be a safe Labour seat. In practice all the effort would go into trying to win the grey area.

    S3 - I think the grey area would quickly become a safe Labour seat. The green area a safe Conservative seat. Effort would go into trying to win the brown area which would be a marginal Lab/Con seat, and more likely to go to Labour.

    In my view, S1 would produce two seats that the parties would have a real contest over, but S2 and S3 would only produce one seat for a real contest. Shame we can't have PR for this area!

    *S1, S2, S3 as in diagram at


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