PCC2016 Bedfordshire PCC Elections - Kathryn Holloway Wins!


Turn out 27.3% across the county (17% last time)
Luton (23.03%), Bedford (24.87%), C Beds (23.42%)
For Thames Valley the turnout was 25.6% and in Hertfordshire 29%.


Bugle, Toni (English Democrats – “More Police – catching criminals!”)
Holloway, Kathryn Ann (The Conservative Party Candidate)
Jack, Linda Anne (Liberal Democrats)
Martins, Olly (Labour and Co-operative Party)
Strachan, Duncan Anthony (UK Independence Party (UKIP))

First preference votes cast in Luton were as follows:
Bugle, Toni (Eng Dems): 1,943
Holloway, Kathryn Ann (Con): 6,263
Jack, Linda Anne (Lib Dem): 2,939
Martins, Olly (Lab): 16,192
Strachan, Duncan Anthony (UKIP): 2,453.
The total number of valid votes cast in Luton was 29,790, turnout 23.03 per cent, with 779 ballot papers rejected.

First preference votes cast in Bedford were as follows:
Bugle, Toni (Eng Dems): 1,644
Holloway, Kathryn Ann (Con): 11,203
Jack, Linda Anne (Lib Dem): 5,287
Martins, Olly (Lab): 9,745
Strachan, Duncan Anthony (UKIP): 2,729.
The total number of valid votes cast in Bedford was 30,608, turnout 24.87 per cent, with 550 ballot papers rejected.

First preference votes cast in Central Bedfordshire were as follows:
Bugle, Toni (Eng Dems): 2,982
Holloway, Kathryn Ann (Con): 21,822
Jack, Linda Anne (Lib Dem): 4,187
Martins, Olly (Lab): 11,916
Strachan, Duncan Anthony (UKIP): 5,830.
The total number of valid votes cast in Central Bedfordshire was 46,737, turnout 23.42 per cent, with 809 ballot papers rejected.

1st Preference percentage votes per candidate across all of Bedfordshire: 
Bugle 6.13%,
Holloway 36.67%,
Jack 11.59%,
Martins 35.33%,
Strachan 10.28%

As no-one received more than 50% of the votes, the people's second choice was then counted.
Kathryn Holloway (on 36.67%) picked up more first pref votes than PCC Olly Martins (on 35.33%).


Returning officer at Beds PCC count said there were a very high number of spoiled papers. And said he thought the Electoral Commission may need to look at system. In all there were 2138 spoilt papers out of 109273 ballots with  many people putting first and second preferences in the same column. Returning officer said people were confused.

Kathryn Holloway wrote a final message on her campaign Facebook Page yesterday, "So after seven months on the Police and Crime Commissioner Campaign Election Day is here. I hope people have learned who I am from these posts - a person of integrity, from a non-political background, who is offering four years of public service to support Bedfordshire Police and rebuild confidence in the Force. I will genuinely be a Commissioner for all communities if you choose me and make sure you have a fair deal on policing in both the town and country. My plans are common-sense, affordable, achievable and have been talked through with Bedfordshire Police's senior team and together we can deliver on them."

Police and crime commissioners are elected by the public to ensure the policing needs of communities are met as effectively as possible and to oversee how crime is tackled in your police force area.

The 2012 Result


Kathryn Holloway: https://twitter.com/KHollowayPCC


Kathryn Holloway:  https://www.facebook.com/KathrynHollowayRePCC/