ELECTION, Thursday 5th May: PCC Candidates for Bedfordshire

About The Job
On 5th May, you will be able to vote for our police and crime commissioner (PCC). The job of the PCC is to oversee the police and ensure that they are prioritising what matters to us.   They are elected  to ensure the policing needs of our community are met as effectively as possible and to oversee how crime is tackled in our area.

PCCs don't run the police force; that's the job of the Chief Constable. Their aim will be to cut crime and to ensure our police force is effective.

PCCs bring a public voice to policing and they do this by holding meetings and engaging with the public and victims of crime to help set police and crime plans. They ensure the police force budget is spent where it matters most, and appoint, and where necessary dismiss the chief constable.

PCCs are there to serve the people, not a political party or any one section of their electorate.

It is widely accepted that Bedfordshire Police are underfunded. A petition collected 12,038 signatures before it closed.  https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/110333 


Hustings on 27th at Diverse FM: Linda Jack, Olly Martins, Kathryn Holloway and Duncan Strachan  .  

Toni Bugle

As the Police Commissioner for Bedfordshire I will ensure fair policing with no favouritism to any community. I am not satisfied that this is the case at present, with politically correct non-crimes investigated and resources wasted.

I am particularly concerned about the rise of extremism and the threat of terrorism. Tough action must be taken against the perpetrators.

I am passionate about ending the activities of child grooming gangs. There must be zero tolerance with vulnerable youngsters encouraged to come forward in safety.

I support traditional policing methods and engagement with the people of Bedfordshire:

- to build trust and confidence;
- through more local and visible policing; and
- with more Special Constables recruited to work in their communities.
Bedfordshire Police is underfunded. I will work in partnership with private business to raise more funding. However our money must be targeted more efficiently.

Hundreds of thousands of pounds have previously been wasted on exit packages for staff members. I will ensure that every single possible penny in the police budget is spent on front-line services to provide for as many police officers as possible.

We have several major destinations within Bedfordshire such as Luton Airport, Luton Town, Woburn Safari Park, Whipsnade Zoo and the Motorway network. Millions come to Bedfordshire and rely on our Police. We must harness these visitors to assist in petitioning Government and with cross party support from our local MPs, we can energetically successfully lobby for more funding.

I will be able to do this through partnership and agreement rather than by stirring up inter-party rivalries.

Toni Bugle as Bedfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner means:

  • Fairer traditional policing
  • Protection for the vulnerable
  • Action against child grooming gangs
  • Safer streets
  • Better funding and more police

Prepared by Edward Butler, Election Agent 10 Heather Drive, Biggleswade, Bedfordshire SG18 8UH

Website: http://englishdemocrats.party/

Linda Anne Jack

Bedfordshire is facing a series of Government attacks on our public services, exacerbating the historic underfunding of Bedfordshire Police. In this local election, we need a Police and Crime Commissioner who will speak up for Bedfordshire, fight for proper funding and work to ensure that our police are given the resources and support to do their jobs. I have a track record of representing others and a reputation for fighting on their behalf; I will be that strong voice Bedfordshire needs.

I have spent my life in public service, serving as an analyst in military intelligence, teaching in Luton and Harlington and working as a youth worker and senior manager across the county, working closely with our diverse communities. I served as a local councillor in Bedford and as Unison Branch Secretary for the county. I then worked as Youth Policy Adviser for the Financial Services Authority, working closely with government, local authorities and leading voluntary sector organisations. My strength is in bringing communities and organisations together to the benefit of all, which is why I am committed to working collaboratively with local councils, the NHS and other public and voluntary services to make Bedfordshire a safer place for us all to live and work.

Prevention is always better than cure. Preventing crime, reducing reoffending and empowering victims by giving them a voice in the justice system is my first priority and I will follow an evidence-based approach to prevent crime, particularly violent crime, hate crime and domestic violence which ruins lives.

Nothing is more important for the state to do than protect its citizens. My commitment to you is to work tirelessly to do just that.

Linda Jack

Prepared by: Henry Vann, 280 Goldington Road, Bedford, MK30 3EF (Election Agent)

Contact Details:
36 Halfway Avenue, Luton LU4 8RB
Facebook: LindaJack4PCC

Kathryn Ann Holloway

I am Kathryn Holloway and I am certainly not a typical politician. I spent 20 years as a news reporter and presenter for services like ITN, TV-am and Sky, getting to the truth of the matter and holding the authorities to account on behalf of the public which I believe are essential skills as a Police and Crime Commissioner. I also covered every possible stage of the Criminal Justice system from close up, working alongside detectives and covering cases from Magistrates’ Courts to the Old Bailey. Since 2000 I have built an international reputation as a specialist in the release of public information in an emergency. I worked for 8 years for the Cabinet Office’s National Emergency Planning College and have advised Chief Constables, Fire Chiefs, military leaders and the boards of some of Britain’s largest companies in a crisis, as well as speaking at the World Conference in Disaster Management. This background means I will explain police action to the public and could never preside over a cover-up.

I will introduce practical, common-sense solutions to work with our budget of £100 million and to use our officers to best effect. I will work with partners like the NHS, Fire Service and councils to share facilities where possible and support one another so the police do take on the responsibilities of others. I do not need an expensive Deputy or PR Agency.

I will make sure that you get a fair share of policing whether you live in the town or country and whichever community you belong to as a Commissioner for all.

Prepared by Katherine Arnold on behalf of Kathryn Holloway both at NEBCA, Biggleswade Conservative Association, St Andrews Street, Biggleswade SG18 8BA

Website: Kathrynholloway.org.uk

 Olly Martins

 Bedfordshire Police has a similar number of police officers to rural Dorset, yet they have to deal with a burglary level and a terror threat like the West Midlands, together with gun crime and serious organised crime like Merseyside. Both of these forces are better funded and have many more police. This scandalous situation occurs because our police are funded by government as though we are a rural constabulary, ignoring the urban challenges faced by our ‘thin blue line’. Incredibly, government funding cuts mean police strength here has gone down rather than up since 2010.

 The Chief Constable says we need at least 300 extra officers to police Bedfordshire adequately, PCs that would enable the force to have proper community policing in each part of the county. This is not possible with the existing incredibly low level of police. That’s why my top priority is fighting for fairer government police funding.

 My next priority is ensuring we nonetheless make the best possible use of the resources we do have. Better use of technology, volunteering and joint working with other police forces and the public sector, are all playing an important role in keeping our county safe. I will continue to work hard on such initiatives to protect front line policing strength.

 Burglary and robbery are down during my tenure, whilst victim satisfaction is up, emergency response has improved, and reporting of ‘hidden harms’ such as domestic abuse, hate crimes and sexual offences have increased as victim confidence has risen. This is a remarkable testament to the dedication of our police and why my commitment is that I will not rest until the force is adequately funded.

 This statement has been prepared by the candidate’s election agent, Francis Steer, at 3 Union Street, Luton LU1 3AN

Contact Details: Olly Martins, 3 Union Street, Luton LU1 3AN

Duncan Anthony Strachan

I am Duncan Strachan and have lived in Biggleswade and worked in the area for 36 years. I am a solicitor dealing with Wills, Probate, Inheritance Tax and similar private client work. Since last May I have been a Biggleswade Town Councillor. In the 1980/90s I was both a Biggleswade Town Councillor and a Mid-Bedfordshire District Councillor. I was Mayor of Biggleswade, and Chairman of both the Finance and Personnel Committees of the District Council. I have been the Chairman of Sunnyside Special School Governors as well as being a Trustee of the National Charity ‘MacIntyre’, for about 30 years, which supports about 1000 people with learning difficulties. As will be seen from the above I have extensive wide ranging experience of many different business environments which will help me fulfil the role of Bedfordshire PCC. By listening to Bedfordshire people I will help the police deliver the best possible service for everyone in Bedfordshire and deliver high quality policing for every community in town and village alike. This will have to be within the budget that has already been set for the current year. I will be looking to maximise resources including working with councils, voluntary organisations, other police forces and public services etc. to make Bedfordshire a safe and pleasant place to live. For every 80p spent per head on policing in Bedfordshire the National, average, spend is £1. Bedfordshire police is clearly underfunded. Central Government has a duty to fund policing properly and I expect to justify greater financial support from the Government as a result of my spending review to be included in my first Police Budget.

This form has been prepared by Lisa Ann Duffy, election agent to Duncan Strachan 4 Meadow Walk, Ramsey. PE26 1JY

Contact Details: Duncan.strachan@ntlworld.com

This article also at https://www.choosemypcc.org.uk/area/bedfordshire

Download a booklet: https://1rbena1k2rviaenzl3kexmgl-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/2905161-Bedfordshire-PCCE-2nd.pdf