Transport in Central Bedfordshire On The Minds of CBC Councillors Tuesday 5th April

Central Bedfordshire Council Executive Committee meets next Tuesday 5th April. Members of the public are welcome​, and the meeting will be broadcast live.​

Among the matters to be discussed is one to add an "Affordable Housing Guidance Note" for "South Central Bedfordshire". The guidance note would make the target for affordable housing provision in the South of Central Bedfordshire 30% on all qualifying sites of 4 dwellings and above. On sites of 4 dwellings, one affordable dwelling must be provided.

The meeting will also look at its Passenger Transport policies, and consider adoption of a Transport Strategy to make more efficient use of its budgets. Current bus services in Central Bedfordshire are subsidised by approximately £1.265m in 2015/16, and there are 43,000 bus pass holders entitled to concessionary fares estimated at £2.382m. A Travel Aid pass for the unemployed applying via Job Centres costs the individual £5 for 28 days, giving them discounted travel. The Council will also consider options on how to best operate with Community Transport such as Dial-a-Ride, recognising the significant social value these services provide. The framework for allowing competitive tendering will be looked at. A 12 week public consultation on the Transport Strategy ​would start on 19th April, ​assuming Executive ​Committee ​approve.

  • Subsidised Bus Services would be limited to times of higher passenger demand, between 8am to 6.30pm on weekdays, and 8am 3pm on Saturdays, with no subsidies for Sunday services.

  • Concessionary Travel would be changed to permit bus pass holders free travel between 09:30 and 23:00 weekdays, and all day at weekends; No automatic renewal of a five year travel pass; ​Online applications by 2020.

  • Community Transport would be given a clear and transparent tender process for awarding of funding to ​ ​ support Dial a Ride services ​would be implemented; Voluntary community bus service providers would be encouraged to take on additional services that cannot be provided by conventional bus operators.

The Local Transport Plan will also ​ be considered. It is proposed to update and replace the current LTP with a new Plan which takes into account political, financial and economic changes since the current document was adopted in April 2011.

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