Calling All Environmentalists! Your View Counts!

Central Bedfordshire Council are conducting an Environmental Review. They have produced a new document called the Environmental Framework and now want your feedback.
The Framework plays an important role in bringing together the various studies, assessments, strategies and guidance produced by the council relating to the environment of Central Bedfordshire. It applies the findings of these documents to national and local policy, allowing them to inform the way we should approach local environmental needs and issues while also supporting growth.

The feedback from this consultation will help
​them to 
develop environmental policies in the Local Plan for Central Bedfordshire, and identify areas where
need to gather further evidence or information.

Please refer to the Framework when completing the questionnaire and use it to form your answers.
strongly advocate that you read the document before completing the consultation questionnaire.

For more information, or to request a paper copy, email
Please respond by 10 April 2016.