Bedfordshire Cyber Police Report Back After First 6 Months

Bedfordshire Police are claiming a proactive approach to tackling online crime.

Launched in 2015, the force Cyber Crime Investigation team provides support to inquiries taking place across the force as well as own cyber-dependent crimes.

In 6 months they have examined 870  laptops, phones, hard drives, USBs and cameras.

323 cyber crimes have been reported, 243 of those were for harassment, 35 for fraud, 18 for sexual offences.

42 crimes were resolved, with 26 resulting in a suspect being charged.

Interestingly, they reckon that the estimated height of data which can be extracted from a 1 terabyte hard drive – a standard on many laptops – if printed onto double-sided A4 paper sheets would be 11.25 miles high. That would a lot of trees!