Houghton Regis Helpers - Another Record Year of Helping!

The AGM of the Houghton Regis Helpers was held at Red House Court, Clarke's Way, Houghton Regis, on Tuesday, hosted by Jenny and Eric Gallucci, Secretary and Chairman, pictured above.

It was reported that the voluntary group had had a record year, carrying out over 900 tasks for 96 clients (up from 85 in 2014)  by 31 volunteers.

In the past 4 years 204 clients had been assisted with tasks such as gardening, shopping, wallpapering, form-filling, and lifts to doctors or hospital.

18 volunteers regularly visited clients as a befriender on outings, sorting paperwork, or walks, and each week 15 to 20 phone calls and messages were handled. The year had seen 5 new volunteers join and finished with a final tally of 32 volunteers.

The helpers were nominated for two awards in 2015: Cheering Volunteering Award in June, and the Pride of Houghton Award in October.

The Accounts for the Helpers were in a very healthy state, thanks largely to a substantial donation of £1095  from 'Last of the Summer Wine Ukulele' players. It was explained that donations were asked for from those that they help, where appropriate to do so. And it was pointed out that very often it was not a case of not being able to afford to have something done, it was quite often the case that it was hard to find someone to do the task.