Houghton Hall Park Transformation

Work begins in Houghton Hall Park at the beginning of January. Some excavation of the site for the café begins on the 5th. A site compound will be going up near the Bowls Pavilion. There will be bigger changes in the Spring. To keep up to date Like the "Houghton Hall Park" Facebook Page.

Houghton Hall Park is a 17 hectare urban public park within walking distance of the town centre. It is owned and maintained by Central Bedfordshire Council and Houghton Regis Town Council.

Houghton Hall Park is a green-lung of Houghton Regis, and is valued by local residents as a place to exercise dogs, and as part of the areas heritage. The Park was awarded a £215,000 Parks for People grant jointly funded through the Heritage Lottery Fund and Big Lottery Fund. This money was used to win a further tranche of £2.196m  to rejuvenate the area.

Houghton Hall House and its outbuildings are visible across the Village Green, The Hall was built in 1700 and is currently in private commercial ownership and is not part of the project.

The Park is divided into various uses. Accessed from from Moore Crescent, football pitches and a bowling green and clubhouse are owned and let out by the Houghton Regis Town Council. A disused Kitchen Garden is expected to be brought back into use following rejuvenation, behind the cricket pavilion. An ornamental flower garden and orchard has become overgrown between the kitchen garden area and Moore Crescent football grounds, and will be re-established.  Eastern and Western Woodlands are in need of further maintenance work. A network of scenic walks already traverse the Park. There are also plans for heritage based activities and a volunteer programme.

Free car parking provision is located at the Park Road North entrance. Entrance to the Park is free and it is open all year round.

Find out more about the Park, and the Renaissance and Renewal Project at http://www.centralbedfordshire.gov.uk/houghtonhallpark

Houghton Hall Park Transformation http://www.hrnd.co.uk/2016/01/houghton-hall-park-transformation.html

Posted by Houghton Regis News Desk on Monday, 4 January 2016