Aldwyck residents working towards AQA in youth work

Aldwyck Housing Group is helping young volunteers to complete an AQA learning scheme titled 'Young Workers: Introduction to youth work'.

The educational session was held on Friday 22 January by Aldwyck's Community Involvement team at Sandringham Hub in Houghton Regis. 

Seven young people aged from 11 to 17 years old attended the session to complete the AQA qualification.

The group completed 3 of the AQA outcomes including; participating in five team building activities and five ice breaker activities. They also looked at ten issues facing young people in today's society including smoking, drugs, mental health and racism.

To complete the qualification the young residents will also be planning a craft club, describing what teamwork means and completing a minimum of 20 hours placement in a youth work setting.

The next session for Aldwyck volunteers will be held on Friday 19th February from 5-8pm at Sandringham hub.

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