Olly - Please Sign to Save Our Police - Will It Be 25% or 40% Cuts ?

Olly Martins, the PCC for Bedfordshire Police wants people to keep signing a petition.

HRND editor, Alan Winter, put it to Olly Martins that this video may not now be relevant as the government had admitted making a hash of the calculations?

Instead of agreeing, Mr Martins replied,

"The revised formula wasn’t going to give us a fairer allocation before the spending review hit us, hence the video. Now the government isn’t introducing the new formula yet, but we’re still in the same position – no fairer allocation before the spending review hits. So we need to find savings of between £21million and £29million depending on whether the cuts are 25 or 40%. That’s worse than the assumptions we were making that persuaded me to trigger the referendum!"

Save our Police from ATP on Vimeo.

Save Our Police