Pedestrian, 80's, Injured in Incident With HGV on High Street Crossing

Photo sent in by Louise Joyce
A pedestrian, in her 80’s, was involved in an accident with a HGV on Monday afternoon. The lady suffered an isolated shoulder injury and was taken to Luton and Dunstable hospital. The road was closed during the incident and traffic was considerably backed up.

Later, at Monday evening's Town Centre Partnership Committee at Houghton Regis Town Council there was discussion on High Street works.

In public question time, resident Alan Winter, said "I have been asking for central refuges for the crossings since before the scheme was implemented, to give people a fighting chance of some safety. When was Central Bedfordshire Council going to listen to the safety concerns of the public and local councillors?"

Later, in the meeting, it was reported that Cllr Brian Spurr, a CBC executive member, had visited the scene in September and had met with a deputation from the Town Council. It was reported that he was more supportive of measures to keep the traffic flowing, than he was in implementing any measure to improve public safety. The outcome of the discourse was that councillors wanted safety to be put before improving traffic movements. The Town Clerk was asked to suggest a way forward, and in turn she asked for time to consider next steps.

  • The crossing on Bedford Road was moved a few yards after concerns that the original position was too close to the roundabout.

  • Works have been undertaken since the scheme was implemented, to eradicate puddling on the crossing edges.

Female injured in collision involving HGV -If anyone has any information about the collision, call 101.A meeting is...
Posted by Houghton Regis News Desk on Monday, 19 October 2015


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