Easthill Two Way For Cyclists, One Way For Vehicles, Is that Safe?

A matter concerning the lack of a green surface for a cycle route in Easthill Road has been investigated via a Freedom of Information Request.

A controversial decision was made by Central Bedfordshire Council to allow  cyclists to travel in both directions whereas cars may only travel in one direction along Easthill Road. Objections were made at thetime by several residents and objections inckuded the question of why it was needed, danger for cyclists and motorists, not to mention the cost of the scheme.

Follow the marking up of the road scheme, HRND editor, Alan Winter, questioned why the special surface green tarmac had not been laid to highlight the cycle lane, as had been agreed at the time of the permission. This question had not been answered by normal emails, or even by raising the matter with local Councillors.

A Freedom of Information Request has now revealed that the road surface is too poor to take the extra colouring at this time, and will have to wait for a later period.

The question:
When will the "green high friction surface cycle lane along Easthill Road to further highlight the route to motorists" be implemented?

Answer given: The road surface on Easthill is considered to be too poor to allow a green anti-skid treatment to adhere properly and hence its implementation will follow resurfacing works. To go ahead now risks the surfacing failing and creating a maintenance liability, raising costs. In the interim the route has been marked with repeated cycle symbols which are substantially cheaper to refresh as they wear.
Sundon Road and interconnecting side roads including Easthill are currently being assessed to be included in the 2016/17 Structural Maintenance programme. At this stage it is not possible to provide an exact date as the structural Maintenance programme has to go through a process of review and approval."

Alan Winter commented, "I accept that the Council has to watch its costs very carefully, but all the same I would like to hear from any cyclists or other road users who are unhappy about the situation."

The source of this information is https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/roadworks_at_easthill_road_and_s?nocache=incoming-704472#incoming-704472

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