Wacky Races Crossing Explained

What is the reason for the wonky surface on the zebra crossing near Easthill Road / Sundon Road junction in Houghton Regis?

This query was raised at a recent Town Partnership by one of the councillors, but an official answer was unavailable.

Alan Winter, for Houghton Regis News Desk, made several enquiries to CBC by email for an official answer but none was forthcoming. But a Freedom of Information request was made, and the answer can now be revealed:

"The raised zebra crossing on Sundon Road has been in place for over a year. In that time there has been a problem with water collecting in the centre of the road whenever it rained. To correct this we changed the profile of the table so that any water drains to one side of the road or the other. The zig-zag lines on the approaches to the crossing meet the technical standards but the re-profiled table has the effect of making them appear slightly askew. While this does help draw attention to the crossing the effect is not something we would wish to re-produce elsewhere."

If you would like to make a Freedom of Information request, there are several routes. Here's one way.