Town Partnership to Look Into Inviting the Public to Maintain Nearby Open Spaces

What do Nuisance Bikes, Shop Local, and Shrubs & Small Trees have in common?

The answer is that the Houghton Regis Town Partnership are to establish Task and Finish Groups to come up with ideas and details on how all these issues or projects can be dealt with in the town. Councillors from CBC and Houghton Regis Town Council will take part in these working sessions.

Tonight's meeting spent some 15 minutes deciding who was going to be involved in which projects, as all councillors present seemed to want to be involved in some way in all of the projects.

On the topic of shrubs and trees, it was evident that some residents had requested the opportunity to manage small plots of public open space near their own homes, if they were allowed to. Initial concerns were around how such projects could be managed, so that the regular maintenance staff would know which plots of land to leave alone. It was thought that CBC's GIS mapping system could be utilised to identify plots of land, and that perhaps the Town Council might be better placed to play a role in coordinating such a scheme rather than  CBC. 

Members agreed that a Shop Local campaign would be an opportunity to both strengthen and promote the town centre.

The CBC Community Safety Partnership had prepared a report on the issue of nuisance motorbikes for local Councillors to consider. It was a national issue, according to the chair of tonight's committee, Cllr Susan Goodchild. But concern was even raised this evening about newly installed barriers at Neptune Square. While slowing down bikes so they didn't charge at speed across a busy road, the barriers were now causing a hindrance to people in mobility scooters.