Men! Learn to Sing ? Here's How! Barbershop Acapella Style!

If you are male and ever thought you would like to learn to sing then you could join a singing course running in November and learn to sing in the Barbershop - acapella style. This is aimed at men who have never sung before - including those who perhaps don't think they can sing ( pretty much everyone can!!)  Experienced singers who would like to get back into accapella chorus singing are also welcome.  It is relaxed and great fun. You won't be exposed but you will sing four part harmony as part of a large group and you will learn techniques and skills that will expose and develop your singing voice.  The course is free, based in Harpenden and will run on each Thursday night for 6 weeks. There is no commitment beyond the free course. If you would like more information please get in touch with HRND.