Local Company To Supply 33 New Trees to the Woodland Trust

Aldwyck Housing Group and Whitbread PLC, both based in Houghton Regis, have teamed up to provide a £500 donation to the Woodland Trust.

The neighbours came to an agreement after a tree on Aldwyck’s property was blocking the new CCTV system that Whitbread had installed to cover an extension of their car park.

Aldwyck agreed to remove the Silver Birch tree, which when in full bloom would block the camera, on the condition that Whitbread donate £500, the equivalent of a replacement tree, to the Woodland Trust.

Silver birch: blocked camera

Aldwyck have picked a project, the Heartwood Forest Appeal in St Albans, and the donation will mean that 33 new trees can be planted there. This will maintain good neighbour relations whilst being environmentally responsible and helping to support woodland and wildlife.

Simon Hobbs, Estates Director for Whitbread said: “At Whitbread we aim to be a force for good in all the communities where we operate and are committed to growing and operating our business in an environmentally and sustainable way. As a major employer in the area we are delighted to be able make this donation to the Woodland Trust and support such a worthy local community project.”

To find out more about the Heartwood Forest appeal please visit: