If You Go Down To The Woods Today ..

Last Friday evening saw the first of a new series of Wildlife Watch Club meetings for those aged 8 to 12. And anyone going down to the woods around Houghton Regis could now be in for a big surprise!

"All things Muddy" - The theme of the new Wildlife Watch Group meeting in Houghton Hall Park.
Photos: ©A D Winter

Organisers, Tracey McMahon and Janine Dixon-Wilkinson, have since enthused about the project.

Janine got involved by responding to an advertisement by the Wildlife Trust, and took Tracey with her to a meeting. We applied and went along as helpers, but the group folded through lack of interest and the watch leaders stood down. We were asked if we'd like to re-launch and revive the group, taking on the role of watch leaders. I was a bit nervous, but Tracey took over as the driving force and dragged me to the starting line".

Janine explained, "It's a group to get children interested in, and interacting with nature. This evening the theme was all things muddy. We started off telling the kids about the "green man", showed them some pictures and provided clay/mud for them to create their own, in trees. All the adults joined in too. Then we did a bit of worm hunting."

"Despite the rain, it went really well, we had 8 children and 5 parents all joining in with the activities. It was lovely to see everyone enjoying themselves so much whilst interacting with nature. The smiles on the children's faces as they created their artwork, and later, waited for worms to appear made it worth setting this group up again."

Book up because Friday Night is Pizza Night!

Booking for the next meeting is essential (the organisers need to know how much pizza to get) ) and a parent/carer will need to attend the child's first session. The group are meeting on the last Friday of the month, so 24th 31st July is the next date, and times are 18:00 to 20:00, meeting at the Bowls Pavilion, Moore Crescent, Houghton Regis. The next session will be all about camouflage.

Tracey, a town councillor for Tithe Farm, added, "We really want to get the kids involved with nature, get them out of the house, and get them exploring the wonderful open space of Houghton Hall Park." Anyone interested can email wildlifewatch.houghtonregis@gmail.com