HRN2 Outline Planning Permission Granted

HRN2 Outline Planning Permission Granted

An application to develop land "located within the Green Belt" in Houghton Regis that "would be harmful to the Green Belt due to its inappropriateness and its impact on openness" was recommended and approved at today's Development Control Meeting at Council Chamber, Priory House, Monks Walk, Shefford. Meeting started at 10am.

All 4 Houghton Regis CBC councillors attended, 3 spoke. Two consultants spoke on behalf of the Houghton Regis Town Council against the application. 4 HRTC town councillors attended to view, along with several other members from the Houghton Regis community.

Some of the key points made by speakers were:

  1. The Development Strategy was not yet proven to be sound.
  2. The site was designated Green Belt.
  3. Concerns about safety and traffic on Bedford Road.
  4. Loss of previously indicated wildlife warden building.
  5. Inadequate number of allotment spaces.
  6. Number of planned football pitches had been reduced.
  7. There was no plan for cemetery provision.
  8. Concern over proximity and heights of buildings close to Bidwell farm community.
  9. 30% social housing was welcomed.
  10. Concern around provision of NHS facilities.
  11. Safety concerns over location of the proposed school with regard to parents parking.
  12. How to preserve the Bidwell village and rural aspects.
  13. A5-M1 link would reduce traffic flows through Houghton Regis.
  14. Concern that a ghetto is not created.
  15. Concern that variety of play spaces was not being thought of.

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