Houghton Chargers vs Ampthill Town 
Match Report 5/7/2015.

"Traditionally at this venue there are many off the field distractions and the local masked hoodlums did not let us down! 40cc motorbikes entering the arena to delight us with their wheelies on the outfield. Impressing us all greatly..."

"... By now we had stopped noticing the motor bikes as the smell of "weed" floated up from another group of youngsters at fine leg, allowing Casley and Blunty to find their Rythm as the away team sniffed a chance. "Knock him down" shouted Smith during an attempted run out, "easy" called Casley which apparently means go for it, and we all giggled as the chemicals began to take effect..."

"... Once again a dodgy pitch led to a good game of cricket that I must report was played in great spirit on the pitch by both teams. What happens off the pitch at this venue should be seen to be believed!!!!! "

Full report : http://ampthilltown.play-cricket.com/website/match_reports/150189


Houghton Chargers vs Ampthill Town Match Report 5/7/2015."Traditionally at this venue there are many off the field...

Posted by Houghton Regis News Desk on Monday, 6 July 2015