Highways Summer Remedial Works For Houghton Regis

Highways have scheduled a few items of works for the town following a walk about with CBC councillor Sue Goodchild, and others.

If you have spotted a problem near you that you think needs fixing, be sure to report it!

Douglas Crescent
Uneven footway surface outside no. 7 - 11
No action at present – footway is uneven but does not contain any vertical trip hazards continue to monitor for now.
Uneven footway near junction Houghton Road
Footway patching required – order to be raised for 16 sq.m of footway patching – to be completed by the end of Aug
Houghton Road
Tree from garden of no. 88 over hanging footway
Letter written to resident
Bidwell Hill/Rosalyn Way
Two areas of overgrown vegetation
Order to be raised and completed by the end of August to get both areas cut back
High Street junc. Whitehouse Close
Keep clear box required
There is still work to be completed in the area by Morrison’s. As soon as this work is completed we will arrange get this keep clear painted.
Clarkes Way
Pothole outside no.88
Order raised for repair
Uneven footway around garage block
This footway is not highway. Area forwarded on CBC Housing.
Two dropped kerbs required
Order to be raised and completed by the end of Aug
Uneven surface to concrete access road and area in front of garages  
This footway is not highway. Area forwarded on CBC Housing.
All Saints Road
Overgrown vegetation/cut vegetation dumped requires removal.
Investigate who owns this piece of land – adoption records indicate this is not highway land but might be CBC Housing.
Uneven footway running between All Saints Road through to Angels Lane
This is a highway footpath – order raised to repair defective areas
Consider resurfacing footway immediately outside of the school and re-profile to prevent ponding (date?)
Replace dented pedestrian guardrail outside school entrance (date?)
Cut back overgrown vegetation and weed kill

Parking at junction with Churchfield Road over dropped kerb crossing point
Refer to Transportation team for consideration of double yellow lines around the junction.
Churchfield Road
Tree outside no. 25
Order raised for branches overhanging footway and street light to be removed
Deep wheel rut in verge due to vehicle over-run
Order raised and completed to make this area safe
Water leak from water meter outside no. 97
Reported to AWA
Dropped kerb required at entrance to garage block
Order to be raised and completed by end Aug
Parking over dropped kerbs in area
Issue has been forwarded to CBC officer for consideration for LATP funding
Request for trees from green to be removed for parking
Investigate who owns this area of land and the trees – CBC housing or amenity?
Several blocked gullies
Order already in place for all gullies on Churchfield Road to be cleaned the next time we have a gully machine in the area.
Dylan Court
Carriageway patching required
Order to be raised and completed by the end of Aug
Johnson Court
Dropped kerb to be constructed
Order to be raised and completed by the end of Aug
Westminster Gardens
Uneven footway outside no. 98
Order to be raised for 20 sq.m footway patching to be completed by the end of Aug.


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