Use Your Imagination To Think What Sound Would Best Represent Houghton Regis! #woodsidelink

The new Woodside Link (running from Porz Avenue roundabout in Houghton Regis to a new M1 motorway junction) will be the first UK road to have its own anthem, produced as a collaboration between local residents and artists Bettina Furnee & Marcus Leadley.


Using your mobile phone or other device, record a local sound which you think is representative of Houghton Regis - it could be bells of the church, people talking, children playing, birds whistling, someone getting out of a car, papers being shuffled in an office, an elderly man laughing, the sound of knitting, anything really, it's entirely up to you.

The sound can then be uploaded to the sound project at 

Contributed sounds can be listened to on here:

Selected sounds will become part of a celebratory sound and image composition called Anthem for the Road, as part of the public art scheme commissioned by Central Bedfordshire Council. The running time of the sound will be 2 to 3 minutes. 

When the road is planned to open, in September 2016, the finished compositions will be visually represented as large scale soundwave paintings on the road's acoustic and retaining barriers.  The sound will be available free in various formats via websites, an app, CD, and possibly radio for a short time.

Learn more about the entire public art scheme at

Questions about the Woodside Link can be sent to the designated CBC officer, , alternatively contact your CBC councillor.