Update on the Old "Netto" Site

The Old "Netto" Site in Houghton Regis' Cemetery Road was subject to a planning application on behalf of the new site owners, Morrisons.

The application in May 2014 was for "Demolition of existing supermarket and erection of new petrol filling station with sales kiosk and car wash facility" under application number CB/14/01934/FULL to Central Bedfordshire Council.

The application was refused planning permission on 23/04/2015 after the  Environment Agency raised concerns that storage tanks could cause an unacceptable risk of pollution.

The decision notice can be seen at CBC's website:

1) This site is located above a Principal Aquifer. Groundwater beneath the site is potentially shallow and the site is considered to be of high sensitivity. The proposed fuel storage presents potential pollutant linkages to controlled waters. Therefore, an assessment of potential contamination found in the proposed development site, an assessment of the pollutant linkages that the development could introduce and consideration for the risk posed by surface water drainage and foundations will need to be undertaken. 

Insufficient information has been submitted to demonstrate that the risk of pollution to controlled waters is acceptable:
1. The Environment Agency currently considers that the level of risk posed by this proposal is unacceptable.
2. The application fails to provide assurance that the risks of pollution are understood.

The proposal therefore fails to protect and prevent the pollution of controlled waters from potential pollutants associated with current and previous land uses contrary to National Planning Policy Framework, paragraphs 109,120 and 121, Environment Agency Groundwater Protection: Principles and Practice (GP3) and policies 44 and 49 of the Development Strategy for Central Bedfordshire: Revised Pre-submission Version June 2014."

Plans: http://www.centralbedfordshire.gov.uk/portal/searchresult.asp?appnumber=CB/14/01934

Update on the Old "Netto" Site - planning permission was declined for petrol station etc. in April. http://www.hrnd.co.uk/2015/06/update-on-old-netto-site.html

Posted by Houghton Regis News Desk on Monday, 29 June 2015