Town Council to Discuss Future Cemetery Provision, And Deployable CCTV

Orchard Close Recreation Ground: Recommendation to "No Longer Pursue" this as the town's next Cemetery

The Houghton Regis Town Council meet on Monday 22nd June at 7.30pm.

It will come as some relief to people living near Orchard Close, who have put up a continuous protest, that a recommendation to no longer pursue Orchard Close recreation ground is to be considered. The last Council contemplated, and started groundworks, to establish the viability of using Orchard Close Recreation Ground as a suitable location for the town's new cemetery. But it was later discovered that there were covenants on the land, reserving it for use as "open space for recreational use".  Instead, the recommendation is that they will pursue alternative sites including land north of Thorn Road.

Among other business to be discussed, is a scheme to provide a couple of redeployable CCTV cameras, and the sites in Houghton Regis where they might be located.

Members of the public are welcome to attend Council meetings, and 15 minutes is allocated at the start of each minute for public questions. An agenda can be downloaded from .