Sam Harry's Murderer : One of Two Main Suspects - But No Prosecution

Sam Harry died four days after catastrophic brain damage akin to being involved in a 60 mph crash. He was 20 months old.

Mirror Report
But who swung, or pushed him, with such a fateful force? His mother, Deanna Buffham or her new lover Ryan Bate? Chief prosecutors wrote, "One or both of them must have been responsible for [your son’s] ­injuries... it would not be possible to prosecute the suspects on a joint enterprise basis simply because we know that one of them must be guilty of the offence.”

So why are Buffham or Bate still not charged?

The child's father, Nick Harry, told the Daily Mirror this week, "They can’t charge them with joint enterprise because at various times both of them went out of the house. Even though the police know one of two people killed my son quite brutally we are unable to have any sort of justice. I want justice for my son and whoever did this to him needs to be punished.

"If the case went in front of a jury at least it would be up to them to decide.”


Petition: Protect our Children from known Child Killers

Nick, from Houghton Regis, appealed to Houghton Regis News Desk to help him publicise his petition to the Prime Minister, which can be found here:

Facebook: Justice For Sam
Daily Mail: Photo-file and report 26th June

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