Road Works Leave Regis People Wondering If A Wacky Races Course Has Been Created

Road works in Sundon Road, Houghton Regis,  this week, have brought a flurry of adverse comment from local people.

Writing on the Facebook group "Houghton Regis What's Occurring" group, Helen Mathews posed the question, "Is the crossing on Sundon road supposed to be up and downhill? It's like wacky races!!!"

Local personality, Kirsty Lear wrote, "I thought that too, that speed hump zebra crossing on Sundon road is hilarious to drive over! Cowboys!!"

Another local personality, Colin Anderson, remarked, "These raised lumps in the road everywhere are getting ridiculous now. We will soon all have to drive Land Rovers as they are the only thing that will stand up to the constant battering."

A nearby resident, Jenny Gallucci suggested, "It's weird and wonky! Who designs this stuff!"

Haulage driver, John Smith, from Parkside, questioned the conformance with standards for The Design of Pedestrian Crossings.

A spokesperson for Amey, a Senior Project Manager, today defended the works on Sundon Road but later retracted his statement, asking for all enquiries to go the Highways Helpdesk.

The work also included making a cycle route contra flow in Easthill Road. Commentator Brett Plenty remarked "All that waste of money to paint a couple of pictures of bikes on the road."

Traffic entering the one-way street, Easthill Road, can now expect to meet cyclists coming the other way. Look sharp! Sign says "No entry Except for cyclists".
Posted by Houghton Regis News Desk on Friday, 5 June 2015
15 February 2017 - The hump was removed, the crossing flattened.