New Homes Development Site Drives Councillors Quackers

Full planning permission was recently given by Central Bedfordshire Council to Taylor Wimpey to develop a site off Bedford Road, Houghton Regis, for up to 169 new homes. The land, known as The Dell, was once occupied as Dell Farm, a renowned duck breeding centre. And at last night's Town Council Planning committee members decided to recommend a range of street names associated with ducks.

The site, located between Churchfield Road and Bedford Road is not currently farmed, but at one time was home to the rearing of thousands of ducklings. 

"Dellmont Road" and "Dell Road" already take their names probably from their proximity to the "Dell" land. The suggested duck theme for the new street names was suggested by Town Council staff member, Sarah Gelsthorp, who is herself preparing a forthcoming book about Houghton Regis, 'Up Above The Streets and Houses' (Facebook Page: ). 

It is important to have unique street names in a postal region to help avoid wrong deliveries. Sarah said after the meeting that  as far as she was aware only one other duck name turns up locally; there is a Mallard Gardens, in Luton.

In January 1909 the Luton Times and Advertiser wrote:

"The late Mr. Joseph Green was probably the largest breeder of ducks in this country. His farm at Bidwell during the busy duck breeding season was a wonderful sight, meadow after meadow being crosly covered with the thousands of ducklings which he would be rearing for the London markets."

"It may be reasonably conjectured that there are far more 'Aylesbury' ducks put on the markets of London from South Bedfordshire than ever see the light near Aylesbury. A stranger to the district would be astonished to watch the celerity with which some of the experienced hands kill and pluck the ducklings on some of these local duck farms. In the height of the season sometimes on a single farm from 200 to 300 are killed daily and plucked ready for market".

Update 2015

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